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Police Blotter - Week of June 7th

June 13, 2005

Police Blotter

June 7

8:25 PM: Three Ossining residents reported that while swimming in the Croton River at Nordica Drive, their cell phones were stolen. The matter is under investigation.

June 8

11:49 AM: The owner of Oil City reported that at some time during the night someone had broken into a locked storage shed behind the building and stole some soda. The matter is under investigation.

1:35 PM: A resident of Hastings Avenue reported a sick raccoon. Patrol responded, the animal was destroyed and removed from the property. A specialized .22 rifle is used for animal control.

June 9

5:47 PM: The police desk received a 911 call that a person was caught in an elevator at the Yonkers train station. The Croton Police referred the report to the MTA police, who responded to the call directly.

11:32 PM: There were several calls of a very bright light coming from the marsh area next to ShopRite, part the Van Cortlandt Manor property. Patrols responded and found nothing matching caller’s reports.

June 11

12:02 AM: There was a complaint of a disorderly group of teenagers outside Blockbuster Video. Patrols responded and cleared the area without incident.

12:44 AM: There was a report of fireworks being set off at Dobbs Field. Patrol responded and found nothing matching caller’s reports.

1:00 AM: There was a report of fireworks being set off on Brook Street. Patrol responded and found nothing matching caller’s reports.

11:58 AM: The Croton Park Ranger located a group having a campfire at Black Rock Park. Patrol responded and had the group safely extinguish the fire.

5:47 PM: There were four separate reports from residents of people going door-to-door selling magazines. The calls came from Olcott Avenue at 5:45 PM, Mt. Green Road at 5:55 PM, Half Moon Bay at 6:04 PM & Batten Road at 6:42 PM. Patrols responded found each group and notified them that they need a Village Permit to solicit residential homes.

June 12

2:31 PM: There was report from a caterer working on Farrington Rd. that a table caught fire in the yard. Patrol and the Fire Department responded and found the fire to already have been extinguished.

6:15 PM: Patrol stopped a vehicle on Rt. 9 for routine traffic violations. Upon investigation, the driver was found to be in possession of Marijuana. The driver was taken to Police headquarters and charged with unlawful possession of Marijuana, a violation. The driver was released on $100.00 bail and is due in Village Court on June 22, 2005 at 9:30 AM.

On June 17, 2005 6:37 AM, wethepeople said:

It’s a sad day when no matter what the issue, a small group can make a board so unproductive. You all should worry about taxes and what it cost to run the village not making the cost to run business and industry out of the village.

On June 16, 2005 9:52 AM, TeaDrinker said:

The Croton-on-Hudson Police Detective who provides this reporter with the blotter each week, confirms that there is a Village-owned parcel of land on Nordica Drive that allows public access to the Croton River. However, this public land is bordered by private residential properties and Detective does confirm that the Police do get calls from those residences when trespasses occur. Patrols then respond to Nordica vacate the area if needed.

On June 16, 2005 8:23 AM, notorc said:

Five people were robbed while trespassing then called our police for help. Our taxes pay for our police force and personally, I’d rather them not have to protect out of towners who are breaking the law.

Considering the fact this area is visited mainly by people without Croton Recreation IDs, I’m guessing the thieves were also from out of town.

This chronic problem of trespassing results in five robberies, that’s why I’m upset. I don’t live in Ossining or Peekskill not because I love paying higher taxes. Instead, I absolutely love the PEACE and quiet of Croton.

Remember how bad Croton Point Park was in the 80’s and our police force had to patrol it…lets not let that happen again.

Robberies in Croton should upset every resident, we’re in this together and the next victim could be you.

On June 14, 2005 12:16 PM, poppins said:

Hello notorc (Croton spelled backwards)

Now let me get this straight - why are you upset?

Is it because the four people were from Ossining and one from Cortlandt Manor or because they were swimming in the Croton River? Which is the greater offense?

Have you concluded that the same five people “tampered with” patio furniture on Truesdale ?

On June 13, 2005 9:25 PM, notorc said:

Let me get this straight, in the last week four Ossining Residents and one Cortlandt Manor Resident were robbed while swimming in the Croton River off of Nordica Drive. Am I missing something? I thought there was no swimming allowed off Nordica.

In another report, a resident of Trusedale reported their patio furniture “tampered with”.

For those fans of “opening our parks” these are examples of the drain on our village resources and reputation.

Thank goodness Westchester County patrols Croton Point Park, we couldn’t afford it.


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