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Board of Trustees Meeting Set for June 20

June 20, 2005

The Regular Village Board of Trustees Meeting is being held on Monday, June 20th and simulcasted to Cablevision customers on ch. 78 beginning at 8:00 pm. Agenda follows...


To consider the issuance of an amendment to the Special Use Permit of Skyview Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. Proposed resolution to issue the amended special permit


a. Ann Gallelli, Chair, Planning Board, re: Symphony Knoll Lot Lines

b. Karalyn Lamb, Young Avenue, re: Preservation of River Views


a. Authorizing the Village Manager to dispose of surplus property at his discretion with a report prepared for the Board of Trustees after the vehicles and equipment are disposed of

b. Authorizing Village Board of Trustees to sign the 2004 Sponsor Approval Form for the Volunteer Fire Department Service Award Program

c. Authorizing the Mayor to sign the 2004 Sponsor Authorization Form for the Volunteer Fire Department Service Award Program

On June 30, 2005 7:11 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

This is just so typical of the nastiness and poisonous comments spread by the likes of Wintermeier and Cudaquest and her Republican allies. Nowhere in the proclamation posted by the Democrats to thank Bob and Georgianna was there any negativity or unpleasantness about the current administration, despite their closed- door approach to many subjects and their single minded dedication to their “pet” projects, yet Croton taxpayer feels the need to write a very mean spirited and frankly unpleasant response. I wonder that any self respecting person would ever volunteer to serve in Croton given the likelihood of the personal attacks they are likely to endure if they happen to disagree with the self-rightous opinions of a small group of mean mouthed and mean spirited people who are responsible for making this wonderful village as politically divided as it is.

On June 30, 2005 10:19 AM, weewill said:

And you continue to live here…. Why?

On June 30, 2005 4:58 AM, Croton Taxpayer said:


WHEREAS: Croton-on-Hudson voters have finally voted for a regime change to terminate the endless threat of excessive, oppressive and debilitating taxes wrought by the prior Democratic administration’s “tax and spend” philosophy during Mayor Robert Elliott’s 12 year reign, and

WHEREAS: The Elliott Administration’s tax increases consistently exceeded the Consumer Price Index, driving many long term residents and businesses from the Village by making the ability to live or conduct business in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson more expensive, and

WHEREAS: Village debt grew $1 million per year, reaching a level of almost $13 million during the Democrat’s 12 years of domination, and

WHEREAS: Taxpayers never saw one iota of tax relief during this period despite the influx of additional revenue from Croton’s parking lot and other sources, and

WHEREAS: The prior Democratic Administration wasted public funds in an abortive litigation to prevent a canopy from being installed at a local Exxon station to protect self service drivers from inclement weather while pumping gas, and

WHEREAS: The Elliott Administration’s 2005 legacy would have been an 18% tax increase if Mayor Schmidt and his Republican Trustees had not reduced the increase to less than 10% over the “philosophical” objections of other Village Board members, and

WHEREAS: The use of State, County and Federal grants to purchase riverfront property approved by Mayor Elliott’s Village Board has opened that property to use by any and all non-residents, and

WHEREAS: Croton-on-Hudson taxpayers paid and will continue to pay “ad infinitum” for the use and maintenance of these “free and open” riverfront properties by non-residents, and

WHEREAS: Mayor Elliott and his allies perpetuated Croton’s ignominious reputation as a county dumping ground by granting a Construction and Demolition permit to Metro Enviro (aka Allied Waste), which Metro repeatedly violated, resulting in years of abortive litigation and over $500,000 in legal fees to revoke the permit, and

WHEREAS: Metro Enviro’s permit resulted in additional truck traffic, debris and fumes that threaten the health and welfare of Croton-on-Hudson residents, and

WHEREAS: Infrastructure problems like “brown water” were ignored by the Democratic Administration during their tenure, and

WHEREAS: Mayor Elliott and Democratic Trustees used public property intended for recreation and water shed protection, to store gravel and sludge, thereby making these lands unattractive and undesirable for public use until these substances were removed, and

WHEREAS: The need for a Community Center and Little League/soccer playing fields were ignored for years as Democrats redirected tax revenue to other pet projects, and

WHEREAS: Croton’s “extensive Comprehensive Plan” is filled with many bureaucratic regulations, such as FARs, the elimination of new “drive through” windows, and reduced shopping centers entrances, which may adversely impact prospective Village development and which several local attorneys believe may lead to needless future litigation, and

WHEREAS: Mayor Elliott with the approval of Trustees Kane, Grant and Wiegman, sought to silence residents who brought legitimate complaints about taxes, Metro Enviro, environmental conditions and other community needs to Village Board meetings by imposing 5 minute limits on their right to speak, and

WHEREAS: June 30, 2005 is the last day to pay Village of Croton-on-Hudson property taxes,

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, THE RESIDENTS OF THE VILLAGE OF CROTON-ON-HUDSON, do hereby proclaim June 30, 2005 in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson as “Taxpayer Appreciation Day” in gratitude to those suffering taxpayers who paid for Elliott Administration pet projects, and in recognition of the efforts of Mayor Schmidt, Trustee Brennan and Trustee Steinberg who finally provided a measure of tax relief and are dedicated to continuing their efforts to reduce Village taxes so Croton-on-Hudson residents can enjoy their beautiful Village without going bankrupt or moving to less expensive areas.

Signed this 30th day of June, 2005 Croton-on-Hudson Taxpayers

On June 26, 2005 8:27 PM, poppins said:


WHEREAS: The Village of Croton-on-Hudson has just completed an unprecedented fifteen years of inspired, visionary, courageous and dedicated leadership that shattered the boundaries of what was thought possible and that will positively affect the welfare of the “Village in a Park,” and beyond, for decades to come, and

WHEREAS: Mayor Robert Elliott (now known as “Mayor of the Hudson Valley”) and Deputy Mayor Georgianna Grant (remembered as the first woman elected to the Village Board) have worked unceasingly to make the Village environmentally sound and proud by doing it “Elliott’s Way,” and

WHEREAS: overdevelopment of the Village waterfront, hills, and access roads has been prevented; the extensive Comprehensive Plan was adopted; Croton Landing and thirty acres have been saved and preserved for the public; use of wind energy by the Village becoming the first NY municipal customer of New Wind Energy and by becoming an Energy $mart Community has been encouraged; the Metro-North PCB Lagoon cleaned up; NY State approval for the LWRP to protect significant sites secured; use of energy-efficient cars by lowering parking rates encouraged; Greenway Vision Plan adopted; the Jane Lytle Memorial Arboretum established, and

WHEREAS: Village trail system has been extended and maintained; pedestrian access to Senasqua Park re-established; pedestrian walkway (Crossining) built across the Croton River; Half Moon Bay bridge and road acquired for access to Croton Landing; property on Croton River acquired to protect the well-field; playgrounds and parks have been renovated; canoe and kayak access to Croton River established; salt storage shed constructed; curbside recycling program instituted, and

WHEREAS: the Village will continue to benefit financially by the purchase of the Croton-Harmon Metro-North parking lot which increases revenue to the village each year; the creation of the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal lowers insurance costs each year; the revamping of the Village’s accounting system to improve accountability, and

WHEREAS: the Village’s infrastructure has been improved with the building and remodeling of firehouses, sidewalks and lighting repaired and installed; sewer line from Senasaqua Park constructed, and

WHEREAS: residents in the Village have cause to be grateful for being reminded to “Luv Croton;” The Croton Housing Networks’ honored work for affordable housing that has been strongly encouraged; the Senior Shopping Bus established; flower pots that beautify the village maintained; the Yacht Club’s dredging and novel use of the silt in progress; stage at Vassallo Park and care of the Merwin Oak; McDonald’s prevented; outdoor dining permitted; a great and accessible Village web site made available; and

WHEREAS: recognizing these and other remarkable achievements of the two leading officials who have worked tirelessly in so many areas, with the able and committed assistance and support of trustees, officials, and often bipartisan, committees, councils and boards,

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, THE DEMOCRATS OF CROTON-ON-HUDSON, on behalf of the whole community and the future, congratulate and thank Bob and Georgianna for their innumerable achievements, do hereby proclaim June 25, 2005, in the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, “Bob Elliott and Georgianna Grant Day.”

Signed this 25th day of June, 2005 The Democrats of Croton-on-Hudson


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