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I Luv Crtn - July 2005

June 29, 2005

So much to write and think about! Doesn't this picture tell it all? Downtown Croton, Summerfest Sunday, the village shines! This year's Summerfest is reportedly the best ever. The crowds were larger, the vendors more diverse, the food exceptional, the music fantastic and the spirit of Croton was alive and well.... neighbor greeting neighbor, enjoying the incredibly beautiful weather -- perfect for a parade and good time. It can't get better than this !

Graduation times at all three schools .... CET graduation (or moving up) ceremony was a testament to the involved, caring and loving parents and community for our kids. This year was particularly significant because while the current 5th grade was being honored for moving on to PVC next year, so too were the current 4th graders who next year will also be attending PVC. After being the "big shots on campus" at CET, they now go to the bottom of the ladder and start their climb to maturity in a whole new way. Congratulations to each and every one.

The middle school graduation was held under the impressive white tent on the old football field and was a very moving experience. As faculty and administrators were lauded for their contributions to our kids, the students themselves deserved and received accolades beyond the norm. It's been said that every so often a class comes together as a unit and is admired and respected for its good attitude, abilities and caring for one another. It would seem that this current 8th grade is one of those classes. The student spokesperson, Claire Sarah Dinger, gave a very moving and inspiring farewell speech, summing up so many of the fears, adventures and challenges faced by this class and applauded the students for their diversity. She summed the 3 years in middle school as ones that brought the class together as a family and stressed the importance of "family" -- be it immediate, extended or student/faculty/peer family. Having attended many middle school graduations, this was the first time I witnessed a student body, faculty, and guests stand together to give a standing ovation to the class speaker. It was truly inspirational!

And of course to our high school graduates .... a huge congratulations to all! They've survived this final year of learning mid the construction noise and disturbances without losing a beat. The faculty, administration and students are to be applauded for their flexibility and willingness to put up with challenges while continuing their journey for wisdom and maturity. Best of luck to all the graduates. May you always carry Croton in your hearts, wherever you go!

We are grateful for this brief respite from the speculation, wrangling and focus on the issue of MetroEnviro and its demise or future here in our village. We anxiously await the decision of the Appellate Court. Reminder, you can watch and hear the arguments made by both attorneys to the Court in Albany on community channel 78 at 8:00 pm this week. See for yourself as an aid to your understanding of this complex and very divisive issue. We'd love to think that the Judges' decisions would end the controversy and remain cautiously optimistic that we can return to the cohesive loving community of the past.

Rehearsals are underway for both our wonderful Children's Theatre performances as well as the Teen Theatre's production of Sussical. As this issue goes to cyberspace, we're not certain of the actual dates but know they will be amply published and advertised. We can take pleasure in knowing that very few other communities have the resources and the commitment to theatre for our kids that our village has. Both Children's Theatre and Teen Theatre are invaluable tools to encourage love of the theatre and we wholeheartedly support the many volunteers who invest so much time and effort into the success of these two programs.

A final word ..... school is out ... kids are on the street more ... summer fun requires an increased focus on driving, walking and playing safety so let's all be aware and constantly remind ourselves that our kids come first!

And we must share a particularly beautiful thought with you that really touches the heart of what's important!

We come into this world kicking, screaming and crying and everyone around us is smiling - May we leave this world smiling with everyone around us crying!

Keep happy, keep safe, keep smiling and keep on luvin' Crtn !

On June 29, 2005 6:18 PM, dors said:

Ooops - major goof

It was SARAH DINGER, who as the Class President gave the graduation address at the 8th grade graduation - not CLAIRE .

Sorry, but this author of iluvcrtn slipped back into her past and mistakenly typed her long-time friend and Sarah’s mom’s name by mistake!,

And while Claire can take some credit for Sarah, Sarah deserves to be recognized in her own right for her outstanding presentation.

On June 29, 2005 2:03 PM, dors said:

With all the negative, bad news, killings, wars, and fighting going on, with man’s inhumanity to man demonstrated in so many parts of the world, and in so many of our cities and towns, we need to take notice of how very fortunate we are in Croton.

Thanks to the people who make others smile. And the beautiful tip at the end of this I Love Croton should be our first thought each day. If we all worked toward that goal, what a wonderful world it would be.


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