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More Implications for Croton

July 26, 2005

In addition to Payman's concerns, Channel 4 news last evening reported on what has been occurring with waste transfer stations and licensing in New Jersey and Massachusette and the ability of railroads to conduct all kinds of unregulated operations as long as a transfer station has railroad tracks and moves the materials by rail instead of truck.

Because the product is moved to landfills across the country, the Interstate Commerce Commission gets involved. Channel 4 news reported that haulers defined as a railroad, however small, can receive an exemption for waste hauling under the Interstate Commerce Commission making them immune to local, county or state government regulations and oversight.

The STB decides based on the individual applications and there is no public input invited or required. This loophole has become evident in the last year or so at several NJ and MA sites and the exemptions have been granted. Even worse, it may not be limited to C&D (construction and debris). In New Jersey and Massachusettes powerful Senators (Lautenback and Corzine) and other government officials from each state attempted to persuade the STB not to grant the exemptions but had no success.

The Metro Enviro saga is far from over. Now, more than ever, we need to work with and not against our new board as they make the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

-- Georgianna Grant, Ex-Trustee


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