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Now is the Time

July 26, 2005

We've heard it so often - the nasty, often malicious, often unfounded, always suspicious, sometimes based on truth and sometimes not, sometimes by informed professionals and sometimes "off the cuff" lay persons and the declarations of what's right or wrong about a person or a decision he or she makes.

It can't be repeated often enough. Now is the time - in fact, it's long overdue - for us, friends and neighbors in this tight-knit community to return to the times when we worked together for the common good of the Village. We are a community of well intentioned, hard working and capable people and we need to once again trust one other.

David Tuttle is, I think, right on in his comments. He and I have been on opposite sides of several issues over these many years, but we've respected each others right to his or her opinion. He's shouted at me and I at him. And let me tell you it hasn't strengthened either of our arguments. David is a good and caring man; I am a good and caring woman. We have a common goal of what's best for Croton but are allowed to disagree on the best way to reach that goal.

And as one of those awful "former trustees" of the "previous negligent village board", I've felt the slings and arrows of those who disagree with decisions we made. And just as David states he's "lost it on occasion." Haven't we all? Some of you may remember my stormy resignation at 2:00 a.m. in the morning after a particularly insulting and contentious Village Board meeting. I accused and was accused. I shouted and was shouted at. I threw the slings and arrows with the worst of them in a fit of temper and fury. I, like David, "lost control." And it served absolutely no purpose other than to fuel the flames. I learned from that tantrum and hope others did as well.

I say to Mrs. Smith, Schmoo, Payman, Poppins, Hopefull, Hateful, Weewill, Rooney and all who express their opinions on these important issues. I don't need to know who you are to agree or disagree with your ideologies. The constructive criticism and ideas are what's needed - not the identity or political party of the person speaking. If we want to help our elected officials do the job for which they are elected, we have to set aside differences and work together for the good of our home town. There will be some really difficult issues facing the Mayor and Trustees in the near future. I believe them to be good and caring people and I wish them strength and wisdom. At the same time I reserve the right to disagree with some or any of their decisions.

And to David Tuttle, I say, keep on being a naive towny who wishes things could be respectful and productive as we both remember them to have been and not angry and disruptive. I join you in your dream and invite others to do the same.

-- Georgianna Grant, Ex-Trustee


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