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Hybrid Commuters to Save 50% on Parking Permits

July 27, 2005

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson owns and operates the Croton Harmon Station parking lot with a capacity over 2,000 vehicles for commuters using Metro-North’s Croton Harmon Train Station. While parking is sold on a daily rate basis for occasional commuters, the vast majority of commuters purchases a quarterly parking permit.

A permit holder may register up to six vehicles on a permit. Quarterly resident and non-resident permit holders at the Croton-Harmon Station who can verify ownership of an energy efficient vehicle with low emissions such as a hybrid or electric car will receive 50% reduction in the cost of the quarterly permit.

The Honda Accord Hybrid (29 mpg city), Lexus RX 400H (31 mpg city), Toyota Highlander Hybrid (33 mpg city), Ford Escape Hybrid (36), Honda Civic Hybrid (47 mpg city), Toyota Prius (60 mpg city) and any other vehicle that qualifies under this program would be eligible for this parking discount. Daimler’s GEM Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) also qualify.

Quarterly permit holders should present the certificate of title, bill of sale, and car registration for a qualifying car to the Village in order receive the parking rate reduction. See the Village web site for details. The New York State Department of Transportation, facilitated through MetroPool, Inc. of Stamford CT, will reimburse the Village for the difference between the original and reduced rate of the parking costs for those permit-holders at the Croton-Harmon station who can verify their ownership and use of a hybrid or electric vehicle with low emissions that will result in improved air quality.

A similar initiative was suggested by outgoing Mayor Robert Elliott last spring which offered free parking to commuters whose cars got over 45 mpg.


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