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Alive and Well

August 8, 2005

Croton is alive and well and has so much to offer its residents. It’s important that we keep ourselves educated about the many issues faced on a daily basis by our elected officials.

Since Metro Enviro seems to have dominated most comments on the blog recently, let’s not forget the many other interesting and great things going on in the village. One way to do this is to check the Village website on a regular basis.

Its important for our Mayor and Village Trustees to know how we feel about diverse issues if they are to truly represent us. By checking the website, we can easily become aware of whats going on each week.

By becoming aware of what the board wrestles with before decisions are made, we have the opportunity to share our ideas before things become a done deal. Mayor and Trustees are all available by telephone, email or attendance at the public participation section of village board meetings. Our opinions are important but only if we share them.

For example: this coming Monday evening the Board of Trustees will be discussing our new river walk at Croton Landing and options for eventual completion.

The Board will also engage in discussing the care and challenges presented by street trees and issues as they relate to adjacent sidewalk work and general aesthetics of our tree-lined streets.

Finally, of interest to all of us, Nance Shatzkin of the Croton Housing Network will update the board on the progress and status of the important Symphony Knoll project for affordable housing for our seniors (this is especially meaningful now that the county has reallocated goals for each community to meet).


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