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Police Blotter - Week of August 2nd

August 9, 2005

August 2

9:47 AM: There were several reports of a ladder in the roadway on Route 9 North near Croton Point Avenue. Patrol responded, located the owner of the ladder, assisted in moving the ladder to the side of roadway and later assisted owner in securing ladder to said vehicle.

2:00 PM: A resident of Nordica Drive reported a stolen garden hose and criminal mischief to the sidewalk in front of the residence. Patrol responded to confirm theft and damage. The matter is under investigation.

3:27 PM: There was a report of an odor of gas in the area of Hastings Avenue. Fire Department responded and safeguarded the area until Con Edison arrived to confirm that no gas was found to be leaking.

5:24 PM: Resident of Benedict Boulevard called to report that youths were moving around the construction traffic cones casing a hazardous condition. Patrol responded and located the three youths involved, one a Croton resident, the others from Cortlandt, had the group fix the cones, youths were transported home and turned over to their parents.

5:43 PM: There was a report of an elderly woman and two youths in the parking lot of the Shop Rite supermarket on South Riverside Avenue, apparently lost or disoriented. Patrol responded and upon investigation, located a relative of the elderly female who was from North Plainfield, NJ. The relative was summoned to Shop Rite where they took over responsibility of the family members from police.

August 3

7:59 AM: There was a report of a suspicious male in the area of the Croton Harmon train station. Patrol responded and assisted with the homeless male who was acting depressed and suicidal. The individual was later transported to Westchester County Medical Center by ambulance and police for medical assistance.

6:09 PM: There was a report form a resident of Truesdale Drive that there was a party swimming in Silver Lake Park who refused to leave the area. Patrol responded and found that the party in question had left prior to arrival of police.

5:20 PM: There was a report form a resident of Harrison Street about fraudulent activity where an unknown person had obtained their Social Security number and used the information to steal their identity. The matter is under investigation.

August 4

5:57 PM: There was a report for a resident of Bari Manor about hit and run damage to her vehicle while her car was parking in the parking lot at Bari Manor. Patrol responded to file report while the matter remains under investigation.

9:50 PM: There was a report from a resident of Glen Garry Road for assistance with two bats that entered their home. Patrol responded but was unable to located and remove the bats. Homeowner was advised to contact a wildlife removal firm for a resolution.

August 5

12:01 AM: There was a report for a resident of Prospect Avenue about a large group of youths making noise. Patrol responded and found five local youths and dispersed from the area without incident.

10:18 AM: There was a report of debris in the roadway on Route 9 South near Senasqua Road. Patrol responded to the area and located an ottoman blocking the roadway. Patrol then moved the debris to the side of the roadway and called NYS DOT to remove the furniture.

2:49 PM: There was a report from the Beekman Avenue area from a woman who had locked her keys inside her car with the engine running. Patrol responded and gained access to the car, remedying the incident.

6:00 PM: There was a report from a resident of Hastings Avenue about a hazardous condition in their driveway as a result of construction of water main replacement project. The Village of Croton-on-Hudson Department of Public Works was notified.

8:53 PM: There was a report of a dispute taking place near Riverside Avenue and High Street. Patrol responded and assisted in settling a dispute between two parties and later dispersed the said individuals from the area.

10:18 PM: There was a report from a resident of High Street that they had a bat flying around inside their home which had been hit with a broom. The party was given advice over the phone on how to secure the bat, told to notify the Westchester County Health Department and to call a wildlife removal service to dispose of the bat.

August 6

9:04 AM: There was a report from the ET Equipment Center on South Riverside Avenue that the tire stems on several pieces of equipment had been vandalized. Patrol responded to confirm damage. The matter remains under investigation.

12:38 PM: There was a report from a resident of Wells Avenue who observed four suspicious males in his neighbor’s driveway. Patrol responded and upon interview determined that the individuals were there to assist the homeowner in moving a piece of equipment.

1:54 PM: There was a report from OnStar report an active emergency alert from a vehicle on Briggs Lane. Patrol responded to find that the alarm was accidentally set off by the owner.

2:07 PM: Patrol reports that one of the red traffic light indicators at the intersection of Maple Street and Riverside Avenue was not working. The NYS DOT was notified and later arrived to fix the signal.

3:38 PM: There was a report of two disorderly people near the intersection of South Riverside Avenue and Clinton Street. Patrol responded and located a dispute between a male and female, assisted in settling the matter and later sent party on their way.

12:55 PM: There was a call for assistance with an elderly woman on Mountain Trial who was having an allergic reaction to multiple bee stings. Patrol responded and assisted in opening an airway, administering oxygen until arrival of the medics and ambulance. The woman was transported to Phelps Memorial Hospital for further medical care.

2:03 PM: There was a report from a resident of Grand Street about several teens acting in a suspicious manner inside a parked vehicle. Patrol responded and upon investigation found that one of the group had taken their parents keys and were hanging out in the car. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and summoned to the scene to take over from police.

4:25 PM: There was a report of brush fire near the train tracks in the west yards of The MTA/CSX property. Upon arrival, Croton Police found the MTA Police on the scene. Croton Fire Department also responded to extinguish the fire. The cause is fire is ruled to be accidental.

5:23 PM: There was a report from a resident of Nordica Drive about a large group entering the Silver Lake Park area. Patrol responded and requested the that group of 12 non-residents to leave the area without incident.


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