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PVC After School Program 2005-2006

August 10, 2005

After school programs benefit children in specific ways. Children are exposed to new experiences, they are supported in their academic and social development and it gives them an opportunity to relax and have fun in a safe environment after school.

The after school program at PVC is here to provide your child with a wide variety of enrichment programs, homework time, community service opportunities and participation in recreational activities. The program is designed to meet the needs of our middle school students. The after school program runs Monday - Friday from 3:00 - 6:00pm everyday school is in session. The program does not run on half days, holidays or if there is an emergency closing due to inclement weather.

Enrollment Fees:

  • 5 days per week - $300.00/month
  • 4 days per week - $272.00/month
  • 3 days per week - $228.00/month

Fees include snack, special trips, birthday parties, holiday parties, supplies and transportation. Students who are enrolled in the after school program five days a week would be allowed to participate in two enrichment programs per session at no cost.

Each enrichment program runs one day a week for eight weeks. Students who are enrolled in the after school program three or four days a week will have to pay extra for the programs but they receive first choice on what enrichment programs they would like to participate in.

Students who are not enrolled in the after school program will have an opportunity to sign up for enrichment programs also, but students in the program receive first choice. Fees for the enrichment programs range from $80.00 - $150.00 per session.

There will also be a drop in service available to all students at a rate of $7.00 per hour. Students can use the drop in service to complete homework or if they need to wait for someone to pick them up from school. Students who are interested in enrichment programs can find out what is available to them on the third floor across from Ms. Peterson’s room. Ten or more participants are needed to run each program (Babysitting requires at least 14 participants).

If interested in enrolling your child in the after school program please e-mail or call 271-2191 x523 to leave a message.


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