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Destination Anywhere on Bus Fourteen

August 11, 2005

There are many stops within Croton-on-Hudson to embark on or return from a journey, errands and appointments by way of the Westchester County’s Bee-Line bus system (map). Bus fourteen (14) goes by way of Route 9, Croton Point Avenue, South Riverside Avenue, Benedict Boulevard, Cleveland Avenue, Old Post Road, Maple Avenue, and then back on to North Riverside Avenue in both directions. In all, bus fourteen (14), travels between White Plains and the Cortlandt Town Center on Route 6 about every hour.

Recently, I picked up bus number fourteen (14) on the corner of South Riverside Avenue and Benedict Boulevard heading to Sleepy Hollow. The bus went south to Spring Street in Ossining and I transfered to bus thirteen (13) to the Kykuit (The Rockefeller Estate) parking area in Sleepy Hollow.

No matter how you get around, consider the costs of the bus vs. a car:

  • The base one-way cash (only cash, exact change is accepted) fare is $1.75 with a transfer stub available for an additional $.25. Further, the Monthly PASSPORT is $75 and the 22-Ticket Bargain Book is $35.

  • When you own a car, with payments and insurance, you could be spending over $500 plus maybe $120 in gas per month! For a new new driver or teenager, the costs of car ownership can be even more significant.

Ultimately, the comparison is more about cost vs. convenience… But still, those with less disposable income may fare better by using mass transit to save money. For example, teens can easliy get to the Cortlandt Town Center or The Westchester in White Plains by way of bus fourteen with $3.50 to $4 in hand.



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