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Entering Bizarre World

August 16, 2005

“Richard Pellicci (live from the podium during the August 15th Board of Trustees meeting), 65 Radnor Avenue. Um, as much as I hate to bring this up, I must admit, that now it seems as though we have entered into a little bit of bizarre world here with the pro-metro deal residents.

Um, that being former Trustee Grant (bio, recent letter: “My Unsolicited Opinion”), Planning Board Chair Ann Gallelli (bio, recent letter: “Serious Problems May Lay Ahead Over Metro Enviro”) and those anonymous, um, I hate to use the word “cowards” but these people who go on the blog without saying who, who they are. Its on the absurd Crotonblog.

Um, having expanded their advice and upsetting the residents who have been fighting this entity for seven plus years. You would think that its our fault and the fault of this current administration that Metro Enviro was accepted into the Village in the first place. We all know how it got here.

I was gonna ask Trustee Kane and Wiegman (bio) for their help in silencing this, this blog, seeing that its made up mostly of their supporters, but I see that former Trustee Grant and Ann Gallelli are in attendance tonight and I would just like to ask them to stop any misinformation and inuendo from going out and let the professionals handle it. Thank you very much.”

On August 18, 2005 8:35 AM, SSmith said:

since is such an invaluable resource to this community; i think that Mr. Pellicci ought to apologize PUBLICLY AT A BOARD MEETING for calling it “absurd” and insinuating that it is nothing more than a puppet for the local democratic party. who does he think he is?

once again he is speaking as a “professional” about something he knows very little about……like he and HIS PUPPETMASTER cudequest/rooney have done for all these tiresome years about ME.

i think it is absurd to refer to the mailing list, because that’s all it really is folks, of CCC1 as a “clearing house of information”, as ms. cudequest has done previously here, when clearly it has never nor will ever be just that.

i guess when you can’t control the message any longer, you start attacking the messenger. how mature.

Hey, richard pellicci, show us you are NOT A COWARD and apologize for denigrating the hard work of all those who work on the blog…after all you know gary cahill would reign down on you if you said the same about his beloved gazzette!!!! ………….we’re waiting.

On August 16, 2005 6:48 PM, poppins said:

I too watched the VB meeting last night and need only comment on Mr. Pellicci and Ms. Cudaquest’s shallow pleas for everyone to work together. They then immediatly denigrated and blamed every person who disagreed with their approach and opinions. These “local lunatics” pretend to have all the answers when they have none. Pellicci pleads us to “let the professionals handle it”. Does he really view Ms. Cudequest and himself as “professionals”?

Please Ms. Cudeqeust, follow Mr. Pellicci’s advice and “let the professionals handle it”. The board seems to be determined to do all in its power and work with every high level official and well qualified counsel. It doesn’t appear that they solicit your advice. You are pretty much self-appointed and univited into this fray.

Please stop interfering and let the board do its job. It serves no useful purpose to blame any one for the past and does in fact further divide this community.

On August 16, 2005 9:46 AM, SSmith said:

here’s a message from a “coward”: what a waste of time at a village board meeting to let mr. pellicci get up there with THAT to say. don’t we have more pressing things to hear about than what he conspires about the blog and its “evil-doers”?

i guess he, and his clique, think that just because people in town have similar concerns and ideas as former and/or current board members, means those thoughts were given by democratic officials!! brilliant. the bizarre world is in his mind. that’s where the conspiracy lives, obviously.

there are many people who blog here who are not supporters of the democratic party; but see the common sense way to end this ME episode would be to deal with them. myself included. i’d rather have the devil i know then the one i don’t in town.

maybe mr. pellicci’s pockets are so deep that he can sustain huge tax increases to pay these ridiculous legal bills we are running up to “defend” this thing with no end in sight.

by the way, it’s not the blog’s fault if democratic-minded people seem to be more technologically advanced than their republican counterparts and choose to blog here and elsewhere. there is a whole world out there, mr. pellicci, maybe you and your republican cohorts ought to step into this century like the rest of us.

ya know this internet thing…….i think it might actually catch on!!

On August 16, 2005 9:36 AM, Devil's Advocate said:

I think I share the sentiment of many in being unable to put into words how ridiculous it is to call for a silencing of this blog by the CCC1 crew. Lets grant their wish in exchange for never having to listen to them at the podium at board meetings again.

I do agree with all calls for bi-partisan unity in this fight, however lets be clear how we ended up in this current mess. Understanding that granting the original Metro-Enviro permit way back when may have need a misstep in hindsight, it is clear this current situation was brought on by the fact that the “no negotiations” policy of CCC1 and the current administration threatened the profitability of Metro-Enviro and they needed to find a way to recoup their potential losses. Metro-Enviro would have continued to negotiate with the village in order to keep the money flowing, period.

With this said, I believe we need to attack the problem by attacking the potential profits of ANY business that wants to deal in garbage at the sight. The following are some ideas:

1) Anne Gallelli’s call for taking the property through Eminent Domain has the potential to financial hurt Greentree. This approach may swing the owners in our court and look for a different type of tenant rather than losing the property.

2) Look for way to barr access to the sight for haulers i.e. local vehicle and traffic restrictions, local weigh stations, license checks. Time is money and the more inconvenient we make it to get to the facility, the more undesirable this facility will become.

3) Make it economically undesirable for haulers to dump at the facility through the implementation of local hauler licensing fees and registration (similar to a hack license for taxis but with very high fees and regulations attached). Again, by making it more significantly more expensive and difficult to pring garbage to the site, the more we will hurt the profitability of all principal businesses involved.

Lets do some thinking outside the box.

On August 16, 2005 9:27 AM, weewill said:

What a shame! And this from those who claim to want to work together and form a united front!

On August 16, 2005 9:27 AM, Mrs. Smith said:

Well, that is rich coming from someone who has spent his last several years in Croton spreading misinformation and innuendo about people who served on the Board. Accusing them of all sorts of unsavoury actions and deeds - and all because they happened to disagree with his opinion, and that of his cohort Cudaquest.

To see them up there at the podium fawning over their hand selected board and telling the “residents” that a handful of pro metro enviro supporters are tiresome and spreading misinformation maks me want to laugh, except that this new situation with NIR is potentially the most serious thing that has happened to Croton in the 25 plus years that I have lived here. I suspect that the Pellicci’s and Cudaquest of Croton are afraid that they longer have a bully pulpit and it is really bugging them - they have to keep harping back to the past.

We really DO need to work as a community to try to do everything possible to fight this entity .


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