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IP Sirens Fail for Third Time in Month

August 16, 2005

Yesterday’s failure of the emergency Indian Point siren system is further proof that the operators of the nuclear power plant must move up the timetable for replacing the system, said County Executive Andy Spano.

“Waiting two years to replace this system is simply unacceptable,’’ said Spano. “Now that Entergy has committed to a backup system, we are moving in the right direction, but we have to move faster and do more.’’

Spano said that the entire network of 156 sirens is outdated by at least 15 years and should be replaced. The backup system that Entergy is committed to doing is not enough. And the two-year estimate that Entergy has given for the work to be completed is too slow, he said.

“We cannot protect Westchester residents adequately with a system that is unpredictable,” said Spano, who has been asking for a reliable system for more than two years. “This is the third time in a month that the system has failed. We can’t go on this way.

Spano said that summer storms that caused power outages on July 19 and 27 caused the system to fail. He said yesterday’s problem is being blamed on a failure of phone lines that connect the four counties with Indian Point.

“That’s the theory, but no one seems to have real answers, and frankly I’m not interested in placing blame.” said Spano. “I want to keep our residents safe and secure and to do that we need a siren system that works now.”

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