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Respectfully Andreas Y. Gruson

August 25, 2005

Docket FD347340 (pdf) was filed today with the Surface Transportation Board (STB), regarding Metro Enviro. Northeast Interchange Railroad, LLC Attorney James E. Howard and Regus Industries, LLC Chairman Andreas Y. Gruson were not at all pleased with recent letters sent to the STB by Charles Schumer, Sue Kelly, Sandra Galef & Thomas Abinanti on behalf of the Village.

On August 26, 2005 9:39 AM, TeaDrinker said:

From the CCC1 mailing list this morning, 08/26/2005.

——-Original Message——-

From: Maria Cudequest [] Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 8:04 AM To: ‘’ Subject: FW: STB 8/22/05 FILING

To CCC1 Special List:

Contrary to Mr. Gruson’s assertions in the 8/25/05 filing with the STB that he already has a license with the Solid Waste Commission, this is simply not true. SaniServ Industries is NOT licensed and never has been. See the following from Bruce Berger, Exec. Director of the Solid Waste Commission.

As to the other principals named, they do not appear on the application for a license to the Commission that we are aware of.

Please be aware that all this has been forwarded to Legs. Abinanti and Oros, the Ohio AG, Mr. Spitzer’s office, the Croton Board, Mr. Gerrrad et al.

I imagine there will be a response.

cc: Legs Abinanti/Oros

——-Original Message——- From: Berger, Bruce [mailto: ] Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 3:42 PM To: ’ ’ Subject: RE: SANISERV INDUSTRIES

SaniServ Industries, Inc. (not SaniServ Waste Services LLC, which recently changed its name to Northeast Interchange Railway, LLC) applied for a Commission license in November 2003. Andreas Gruson was the only principal of this company. It was issued a Permit to Operate in March 2004, which has since expired.

The company was never listed on our website because it never began to operate in the County, and so it could not have supplied carting services to customers seeking them (which is the reason we have a list of licensed or permitted haulers on our website).

Because Andreas Gruson informed me that he would be applying under a different corporate name with additional principals, we never completed the background investigation / licensing process for SaniServ Industries.

Bruce B. Berger, Executive Director Westchester County Solid Waste Commission


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