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For Our Wonderful Kids

August 29, 2005

We always talk about the many reasons we luvcrtn and how blessed we are to be a part of such a wonderful community. Every so often it’s healthy to have a little reminder. In the last edition, we talked about the perfectly inspiring graduation speech given by Sarah Dinger as her class prepared to move on to CHHS. Her talk was filled with the value of living in a community with such a strong support presence during the “sometimes anxious” teenage years. She focused on the importance of “family” support, not just immediate biological family, but extended family as well made up of friends, teachers, classmates and community members.

With the opening day of school right around the corner it’s a good time to remind our kids to reach beyond themselves and realize the importance of inclusion and acceptance.

We are a village as diverse as a big city yet small enough to know all our neighbors. Because we have one elementary, one middle and one high school, we all work and play together. We can excel in accepting our differences, by paying attention to the other guy who may not be as pretty, handsome, well-dressed, smart, friendly, comfortable or outging as we are. We can lend that helping hand to others by recognizing we’re all in this together and we have our own anxious moments as we face the challenges of a new school year.

We think the above is noteworthy because we, as adults, don’t always send the very best message to our young people. The news we (and our children) hear on television and read in newspapers and periodicals is more often than not focused on “man’s inhumanity to man”, on the dishonest and deceitful. Letters to the Editor in our local newspaper are often filled with anger and accusations aimed at our neighbors and “friends.”

In today’s world it’s obvious that caution is necessary but it must be balanced with peace and understanding. Our kids have a tough enough job if they are to make this a kinder, gentler generation and future for themselves. It’s our job as a community to help them.

And so we send them forth to embrace this new school year with energy, commitment and enthusiasm. They are the best and our ILUVCRTN community wish is for them is good health, love of learning, and above all a happy, exciting and fun-filled year.


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