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Work Sesson Report for August 29th, 2005

August 31, 2005

Please address any questions about the following topics which were discussed at the Village Board Work Session on August 29, 2005 meeting to the Mayor or any Village Board member .

FYI: Regularly scheduled work session meetings are held for the Mayor and Board of Trustees to hear reports of pending issues and concerns, and discuss together ways and means they might be addressed. Absent any emergency situation, they are announced, scheduled meetings, held in the Village Manager's office and are, of course, open to the public.

Trustee Steinberg absent. Marianne Stecich by phone for first hour or so.

1. Discussion of current status of the Village's fight against the Millennium pipeline. Neil Levy, special counsel in Washington, DCl on this matter from Kirkland & Ellis summarized the current status of the litigation:

Millennium's appeal of the Secretary of Commerce's decision is moving through the District COurt of Appeals in DC. Our brief (Croton and Briarcliff) was filed on 8/8. There were supporting briefs from Town of Cortlandt, US Dept. of Justice, NYS Attorney General office and the NYC DEP as well.

Millennium's reply is due on 9/19, the Village's closing brief on 11/16. After that, oral arguments will be scheduled - probably after the first of the year. The decision of this court may be appealed to the US Court of Appeals.

Mr. Levy apprised the board that Millennium has applied to FERC to amend their application to permit them to proceed with 'phase 1' which would allow the pipeline to be built to Rockland County edge of the Hudson.

Many interested parties attended the work session. Linda Puglisi, Ann Lindau, Frank Farrell, and John SLoan from the Town of Cortlandt and their special counsel on this matter; Mickael Blau Village Manager of Briarcliff Manor; local activists - Dani Glaser, Karen Bernard, Liz Keller, Karen Wells, Judy Jacobs.

2. Sidewalk program - after discussion on making the final two years of the program still a 50/50 of costs, village wth homeowner. As originally agreed, it was redued to a 75/25 split. B board members agreed to a compromise suggested by Leo Wiegman of a 60/40 split. The Board agreed to amend amend the law to make this happen.

3. County Executive Andy Spano's request for support for legislation that would cause sex offienders who have served their time and been released to be kept under some other form of supervision, the board declined to take a position.

The board then went into executive session.


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