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One For All And All For One

September 1, 2005

This is the quickest and most effective way I can think of to get this information out to Croton residents. The purpose is to encourage Croton residents to tune in to Channel 12 Evening News tonight, starting at 5:00 p.m.

I was on my way to the Croton Harmon railroad station this morning at about 11:15 and spotted the Channel 12 news van at the entrance to Metro Enviro. Standing with them was Mayor Schmidt and Trustee Steinberg (Congratulations to Carol and Jim Steinberg on the birth of their child). Trustee Steinberg informed me it was a press conference called to focus on the closing of Metro Enviro.

When I asked if the other Trustees or Village Manager were coming, he told me the press conference had been called for by the Republican candidate for County Executive, Rob Astorino, who is running against Andy Spano in November. Apparently because he is a republican candidate, the democratic trustees were not informed.

I then had the good fortune to listen to John Gopp, the channel 12 newscaster, question our Mayor on the actions taken by the village to close Metro Enviro down. The Mayor reiterated much of the history of the site and the resulting court proceedings and some of his ideas and on-going concerns about possible future uses of the site.

The Mayor’s comments are important to those of us who have been closely following this Metro Enviro issue. We have a tough road ahead and litigation gets more complicated ever day. We need to keep ourselves informed.

Tune into Channel 12, Evening News and listen to both the Mayor and the Republican candidate for County Executive, Rob Astorino. The future of this site affects us all.

— Georgianna Grant, X-Trustee

On September 2, 2005 8:15 AM, Mrs. Smith said:

Deepsix How do you know what I do? I do go to board meetings, I watch them, I read minutes and I talk with people - many people who in fact can’t understand why there is such division about M/E in this village and why you and your cronies have to be so personally negative. The previous Board followed legal advice to do what they did, and were consistent in their actions. If I were Mayor Elliott I would not have responded to the abusive tactics used by a small group of citizens. There is such a thing a respect and courtesy, and even though you disagree with somebody, it is not necessary to resort to the politics of personal attack that the previous board were subject to for years. Yes, they did lose, but let’s face it, Schmidt has run in every election for the past five years, Brennan ran in the last three, Steinberg didn’t win. At some point there will always be change - not necessarily because of anything done , but because people think that it might just be time.

And as for hearing more from this Board than before, you must be in some kind of loop, because it certainly is not coming across to the general public.

On September 2, 2005 7:40 AM, deepsix50 said:

Mrs. Smith It’s very tiring to see the almost desperate defense of those officials who brought us ME, while constantly denigrating those who were largely responsible for why we know as much as we do about that place. It’s also amazing that now there are cries of why aren’t we being told!!! We know more now from this new board than we ever did before. The last meeting was 8/15. We’ll know more at the next one. But all kidding aside, where were you people for the last 7 years when the old board refused to answer questions, violated open meetings laws, freedom of information law, etc. for which there are TWO opinions from Robert Freeman. The only difference we see is that the old board no longer is in office. And they are no longer in office because of what THEY did. They should hang their heads in shame or just get out of the way. I urge you to read more than a FEW executive session minutes, go to work sessions or get the audio tapes, watch board meetings or attend them, write the board directly or call them. Work with the new board and get over the fact that the people have decided. Since March it has been an endless parade of sour grapes. The old board was soundly beaten because they deserved to be beaten. They made this situation. Not the residents. Pretending otherwise didn’t fool anyone last March and it won’t fool anyone next March either.

On September 1, 2005 9:36 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

I did, they are even copied below - how does Rooney get ANY information from them??

“On a motion by Trustee Steinberg, seconded by Trustee Wiegman, the board voted to enter into an Executive session. The motion was approved unanimously. The Board of Trustees met with Special Village Counsel Michael Gerrard and Village Attorney Marianne Stecich in executive session to discuss the litigation involving Greentree Realty, LLC and Metro Enviro Transfer, LLC. Mayor Schmidt was connected by speaker phone and participated in the executive session discussion. No actions were taken in executive session”

I think that Rooney and Cudaquest fabricate their own ideas and write them as gospel. He has the nerve to suggest that Ann Gallelli is causing trouble for the new Board - after all the trouble he and his ladyfriend caused in this village. At least Ann Gallelli is letting residents know what might happen and what the residents should be aware of = something Schmidt has yet to do.

On September 1, 2005 6:43 PM, deepsix50 said:

Read the minutes for executive sessions. They are posted on the village website.

On September 1, 2005 5:31 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Well, I just watched the tv clip and it was far less about Metro Enviro closing than it was about the jousting between Astorino and Spano for county exec. position. Mayor Schmidt was allowed a sentence! This is NOT what people who voted for this team signed on for - their trustee/mayor to be pawns in the county executive race.

Inform your residents by sending out a news letter to all villagers with facts and options and allow people to become involved. Too bad Ann Gallelli is NOT mayor - at least she is willing to put things out in the open.

And by the way, how come Rooney is privelege to what goes on in executive sessions of the board. I thought the idea of an executive session was to discuss things in private - not to be a source for our self-appointed garbage queen and her partner to be given confidential information. Isn’t there some sort of law against that?

On September 1, 2005 3:39 PM, weewill said:

Same point and same question. How can it be ok to speak to the press about the closing before speaking to Croton residents. We shouldn’t be getting our information from channel 12 or the newspapers.

Maybe our democratic trustees, Kane and Weigman, should contact Andy Spano’s democratic campaign committee and “invite” him to come tomorrrow morning when trucks will pull up to the site and not be allowed entrance. This is not a “political issue”; it’s not democratic or republican; it affects all of us in Croton regardless of political party, that’s why not.

Another thought - do we really want “county” involvement here when we know there has been some concern that the county might be interested in the site. We know that trash and garbage is a big problem for them and certainly don’t want them to remind them that this site exists at all. What does Astorino hope to gain by bringing attention to it?

On September 1, 2005 3:22 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Excuse me, but wasn’t it that exact thing that then trustee Schmidt accused former Mayor Elliott of? Not only accused him, but soundly berated him in public for not involvong all trustees? I am very disappointed in Schmidt/Brennan/Steinberg who ran on a platform of open government, but are only open when they think they will get glory.

Give us all a break guys - there are 5 members of this board, shouldn’t they all have been invited to this press conference, haven’t they all been working hard on this issue, the two democrats longer than Steinberg anyway?


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