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The "Closing Bell"

September 2, 2005

Dear Crotonblog,

As one of the former village board members who wrestled with the MetroEnviro issue for the past 8 years, I felt it important to be there at the “closing bell” of the Metro Enviro operation at the site. It’s been a long and unpleasant 8 years, riddled with anger, mistrust, betrayal and multi-thousands of dollars of seemingly endless litigation. Finally, this portion of the battle, the Metro Enviro portion, is over. As we’ve clearly known throughout this whole fight, there will be many more hurdles to cross and our current board will need courage and wisdom in order to make the right decisions.

Fortunately, the actual closing was very uneventful and quiet. The last truck exited the site about 5:30, one-half hour after the mandated closing time. The few Croton residents present at the closing comprised of the regular, well-known opponents of MetroEnviro. The long-time vocal opponents, Maria Cudequest, Richard Pellici, Bob Wintermeier, Don Daubney and Joanne Minett were gathered at the Croton Point Avenue drive leading to the site. Two more women, not known to me, arrived later.

Trustees Wiegman and Kane were in the scale house during the whole time I was there and followed the last truck up the hill. I don’t believe Mayor Schmidt,Trustee Steinberg or Trustee Brennan were there. I did see the Mayor and Trustee Steinberg at a press earlier in the day in front of Metro Enviro signs. The press conference was well covered on last night’s evening edition of Channel 12 news.

The standard police car directing commuter traffic was at the top of Veterans Plaza and Croton Point Avenue last night at its regular time.

I’ve just returned from the site this morning (Friday 9:30 a.m.) and things remain very quiet and calm. Chief Coxen arrived when I was there and dismissed the surveillance police officer from that duty station as things were well under control. We can only hope that things remain so as the complex legalities surround the use of that site are worked out by our attorneys. Then it will be up to the Village Board to take whatever actions are appropriate to protect our community. We stand ready to work with them in these difficult days ahead.

Georgianna Grant, Ex-Trustee


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