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Good Fortune

September 20, 2005

How often have we rejoiced at living in Croton? How fortunate and blessed do we feel? This writer has just returned from a walk along Elliott Way, and the peace, quiet, and serenity of the air and sparkling waters of the Hudson were a dramatic and very visual reminder of our good fortune.

It was impossible not to notice the stark difference in our lives here in Croton today compared to the lives of our fellow Americans in New Orleans and Mississippi.

As the brilliant sun sparkled up and down the Hudson River, the beauty surrounding this writer literally was enough to take one’s breath away. Knowing there are places and people whose lives and very existence have been so threatened and devastated by Katrina that they don’t have the basic, minimum needs for themselves and their families is most sobering indeed.

Click here for some sobering food for thought from CNN!

On September 20, 2005 6:17 PM, weewill said:

And more sobering news. We”ve been hearing about the village considering eminent domain condemnation of the Metro site for use as a new and larger public works building and garage. The potential cost of condemnation (8, 9, 10 and up million dollars ??) is only one concern we should be thinking about.

Everone does realize that if we had the money; if the public work garage should be relocaated to that site; if we had the millions of dollars needed to pursue eminent domain; if we had the 3, 4, or 5 million ??? additional dollars to build a new garage) - be aware that the work to be done at the new facility would consist of ALL the things we did not allow at Metro Enviro … C&D . dust, stone crushing,, storage of concrete and asphalt, yard waste, decomposing leaves and tree truncks etc

Is this what we want?. Is it worth considering? Do you think it would be a good use of your tax dollars?

On September 20, 2005 4:58 PM, poppins said:

How perfect to accompany the narrative! Look carefully and read the words on the sign in the picture - “caution, seasonal flooding”.

Inhabitants in the Gulf Coast were not so lucky as to have ONLY “seasonal” flooding! Could such devastation happen right here in beautiful little Croton? Pray to God it doesn’t! It shouldn’t have happened in New Orleans but it did!


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