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Emergency Response Forum Planned

September 26, 2005

On September 29, 2005, 7:00 PM, at Cortlandt Town Hall, the Town of Cortlandt Citizen Corps Council and Task Force for Regional Emergency Planning will be hosting a local community security and safety summit. A group of local emergency management, planning and response organizations, municipalities, and agencies are invited to participate.

The purpose is to inform our residents of all the progress that has been made in the coordination of local hometown security and safety issues. Also, it is an opportunity for us to discuss other ways to communicate, work together and find even more improvements to secure our area.

The summit is open to the public and will be taped for the public to learn of our enhancements, cooperation about increased safety ideas. As you are all aware, the nation is at an elevated security level and it is imperative that our communities learn ways to protect their families and to work with the appropriate authorities.

Representatives of the local business and faith based communities are encouraged to attend. For additional information call, Jeff Tkacs, Cortlandt Homeland Safety Coordinator, 914-734-2029 or email


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