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A Time For Open Discussion

October 2, 2005

This will be a hard edition to write as the Metro Enviro operation in Croton remains so divisive and controversial. But because weluvcrtn it makes it even more important for us to openly discuss it with each other.

We think it will be useful to give additional coverage to the letters posted on crotonblog that lay out very clearly the implications and possible consequences of all the choices available. The village board needs to consider all the options and listen to residents who may have ideas and or preferences for one option over another.

It seems the only thing everyone can agree upon is that village boards, both past and resent, have had to make difficult decisions about how best to protect the village as a whole. Regardless of how we feel about the past and who did or did not do the right or wrong thing, we need to look forward and not backwards.

The current village board needs to make responsible and educated decisions about how best to handle things from here on. We believe them to be well-intentioned and responsible individuals who will put aside any partisan pressure or positions to reach a resolution in the best interest of all of Croton.

Obviously, Croton taxpayers can only absorb so much and we’re up against a giant enterprise who has very deep pockets. Greentree, (the owner of the old Metro Enviro site) has publicly stated they are not going away and they intend to protect their property and ownership rights at whatever cost.

Even though this issues remains volatile and controversial we felt it would be beneficial for us to talk about it. It’s because weluvcrtn so much that we decided to get available information out to as many Croton residents as possible. There are complicated and difficult determinations to be made in the next few weeks and months by the present village board.

We who luvcrtn deserve the facts so we can help our elected officials by giving them our opinions. They of course will have to make the final decisions and we hope residents input and comments will help them.

Please read this informational report shared with the community by a very informed resident. Please read it carefully and consider the implications of what might lie ahead and let our Mayor and Village Board know how you feel.

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