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Croton F.D. Secures $57,000 in Federal Funding

October 2, 2005

U.S. Representative Sue Kelly recently announced that the Croton Fire Department will be receiving $57,000 in federal assistance to help further enhance local firefighting operations and safety measures. Further, Kelly added, “It is crucial that our first responders in Croton-on-Hudson have the resources they need to fully serve and protect our communities”.

According to Congresswoman Kelly’s website, the federal money for Croton-on-Hudson was secured through the Operations and Firefighter Safety Program within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The funding can be used for firefighter training, firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, and upgrades to fire stations and facilities.

Related to this funding, Journal News reporter and Croton resident Robert Marchant, wrote an article which detailed proposed plans set forth by fire department leaders for the State-owned parcel of land north of the skate park where Croton firefighters might “simulate the conditions in smoke-filled buildings and wrecked cars.”

On October 3, 2005 9:19 PM, SSmith said:

my cynical, sarcastic side couldn’t resist commenting on this item. while i think it terrific that CFD is getting additional $$ for training; my cynical side makes me wonder if the various letters we have sent to ms. kelly and the unfavorable postings about such here may have played a part.

if so, more power to the people!!!!! this blog then may be more powerful than we thought!!

but my patriotic side weeps, because if this is so, then it is a sad commentary on the general behaviors (or non-existence in ms. kelly’s case) of some our reps down in DC. why don’t they fight for their home districts more vigorously amd more openly and more frequently!!!!????

if publicly berating them is the only way to get movement out of someone, perhaps it is time to remove that person from office.

2006 mid-terms are coming fast, folks.

Thanks for the money ms. kelly we really do appreciate it and we’ll gladly use it…..BUT IT WON’T BUY MY VOTE!!!!


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