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Board Reporting

October 7, 2005

At the conclusion of the Village Board of Trustees meetings, and after the prior meeting minutes (pmm’s) have been corrected, Mayor Schmidt asks all meeting participants to individually update residents with their recent community-related endevours. This recent go-round took place at the October 4, 2005 meeting.

Option: Download and watch this video clip in Quicktime format (9.1 mb).

Among the topics discussed were new appointments to Village boards, the Pollock proposal for video-streaming Village Board meetings, Fire Fair at the Harmon station, Katrina relief efforts, Harmon Shop open-house, 4th Annual Daffodil planting, and the first meeting of the Community Center Advisory Committee.

On October 7, 2005 7:20 PM, poppins said:

I wanted to go to the village board meeting to congratulate that nice young man, Mr. Brandt who supervised the water works job in Harmon. As a resident I was nervous about the road work to be done on our streets and was sure there would be dust and noise and that it would go on forever preventing us from parking in front of our houses and getting into our driveways. It was done in record time and even more remarkable was that each and every night the mess was swept and cleared almost so we didn’t know the construction was taking place. He’s a wonderful village employee and should be recognized.

Thanks to him and the Water Dept. for a job really well done.

On October 7, 2005 10:13 AM, weewill said:

Thanks Crotonblog for providing this snippet from the village board meeting. We need every bit of information we can get about the discussions and actions of the board. There is very little forthcoming from the board. While somewhat informative, the televised meetings are usually pretty benign and with carefully chosen agendas. What we need to hear is what goes on beind those closed doors in the so-called advise and counsel meetings. These are not executive sessions and should have recorded minutes.


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