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Work Session Report for October 10, 2005

October 13, 2005

Please address any questions about the following topics which were discussed at the Village Board Work Session on October 10, 2005 meeting to the Mayor or any Village Board member.

FYI: Regularly scheduled work session meetings are held for the Mayor and Board of Trustees to hear reports of pending issues and concerns, and discuss together ways and means they might be addressed. Absent any emergency situation, they are announced, scheduled meetings, held in the Village Manager’s office and are, of course, open to the public.

1) Croton Fire Department Chief Bill Vlad appeared before the village board (Assistant Chief Gary Diggs by conference phone) to explain their proposal to develop an emergency training site for our volunteer fire department members. The site would be used to simulate and practice emergency procedures for control of fires and rescue operations necessary in the event of certain fires and or emergency situations. This training is particularly necessary for safety of fire and rescues personnel in the even of house fires.

The proposed location is the DOT site just north of the skate park. The site requires some improvements such as clearing trees and brush and debris, improving entry to the site and erecting one or two trailers to house equipment for the training exercise. Because of the topography of this particular site, very little will be visible from the road or highway.

Chief Vlad and Assistant Chief Gary Diggs explained that this was only an initial review of plans and that multiple approvals needed to be obtained but they wanted the board to have a brief understanding of what they have in mind and grant a consensus approval of the idea before pursuing it further.

The Chiefs explained they couldn’t at this point know exact costs but estimated somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000. Department members, keeping the costs low, would do a good deal of the labor.

The Board indicated their acceptance of this preliminary idea and authorized the fire department to proceed with getting the appropriate approvals.

2) The Board agreed, after discussion, that the new southern access road from Half Moon Bay to Croton Point Avenue would be known as Half Moon Bay Drive, South and the existing Drive known as Half Moon Bay Drive North.

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