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My Alibi

November 3, 2005

Wow! First, I did not lie in my prior letter. Please ask Fr. Keane about our conversation. We both believe that there is a principle involved here that is worth fighting for. He has since retreated citing the points raised here and decided not to add to the “divisive” nature of this issue. But the division was created by Greg Schmidt, not me.

The tax will not raise much money and the cost will be passed on where it can be. The arguments against passage are overwhelming, but I fear that the sewage tax will be the first bold move of the Schmidt Administration.

— Joe Slakas


On November 3, 2005 3:43 PM, SSmith said:

i will say this as someone who voted for greg schmidt (and very sorry they did!!) in the last election: at least when the previous mayor was in office you knew what was going on more than with dr. schmidt. maybe you did not agree with elliott, but you knew what he was generally up to. And the board meetings were way more informative and not as ridiculously scripted as anyone can plainly see goes on now.

the dr. mayor and his two new sidekicks, including one who actually LOST badly in the march 05 election, give off the impression that we are not able to understand what they are working on and thinking about. so they choose to never tell us.

well guess what guys: winning an election by only a few votes, and in steinberg’s case LOSING outright, gives you no outright mandate or “political capital” to go haphazardly proposing new and frivolous ways to spend OUR money.

the list is long already: community center, ball field at croton landing, sewer fees we can’t even deduct for tax purposes, hiring a new village lawyer, and no reasonable solution to metro-enviro.

at least when elliott was in there he explored ways to get projects done with little or no cost to villagers. that takes some talent; something which this new board has shown absolutely zero of.

it has been one fire fight after another with these guys starting with metro enviro, which we all know they did not create but have turned into a dark period for this village with their stupidity of a campaign promise to not talk with them. give us some info on how you are prescribing to proceed or better yet why not have the slick new high priced village attorney give updates on what is going on. her posture at village board meetings looks like she is so disinterested that she is ready to keel over from boredom. how much does she cost us?

like this sewer fee, which i think will be enacted despite widespread non-support. it seems as though this thing was conceived over a barbeque at someone’s house or something. it’s details are murky at best and all the biggest users of the sewer system are opting out of paying the fee. who thought this thing up?

why can’t the board come up with ways to finance FUTURE sewer projects with what is available to them? show us you have some savvy and some analytical ability and creativity instead of screwing us and making us pay more money. after all isn’t that what fiscal management is all about? this idea STINKS, literally.

hey, better yet why don’t the dr. mayor and brennan and steinberg go ask “their brain”, ms. cudequest, if they can go talk with metro enviro. wouldn’t a nice fiscally sound and advantageous settlement to that mess be a smart way to fund projects like these now unknown sewer replacement projects?? it’s better than bankrupting village if we lose that $50MM lawsuit…

hey weewill, you’re right this administration has nothing to say. their secrecy makes us think they are incompetent. so far they’ve done nothing to prove otherwise.

On November 3, 2005 1:49 PM, weewill said:

Here we go again. No one is allowed to criticize or disagree with this Mayor and Village Board. The small core group of defenders jumps in to take up the fight for them while they sit back and say nothing.

Unless of course the bloggers who so consistently support the Mayor and Board regardless of their positions being proved wrong. Or even more possible, could these supporters actually be written by this very secretive board itself using anonymous pen names?


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