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Katrina Relief Committee Heads South Again

November 21, 2005

The Katrina Disaster Relief Committee (also see “It Takes a Winnebago”) is looking for volunteers to go to Long Beach, Mississippi, the week of December 5. A small group has already committed themselves but they would like to be joined by more Crotonites. There is a call from Mississippi for 50 volunteers a week for the foreseeable future. The committee particularly urges college students who may have a long vacation between their first and second semesters to consider going.

The volunteers are going to the same location at the Coast Episcopal School where Cornelia Cotton and Carl Grimm delivered the Winnebago. There is also an urgent need for a second hand van that could seat 6 to 8 people. It would be used by medical volunteers on the site to deliver help and medicine to isolated communities along the coast without any medical facilities.

Arrangements can be made through St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church to make the van a tax deductible charitable gift. If a van can be procured the volunteers will drive it down n Dec. 5th. The specific needs of the Long Beach area are posted on the Internet at

The posted list of needed goods is kept up to date. At the moment there is an urgent need for cold and cough remedies but the list includes non-perishable food (except canned string beans), new warm weather clothes, blankets, bedding, tools, and much more. People who wish to donate may drop off their contributions on the front porch of St Augustine’s Parish Hall for delivery when the group goes south on the 5th.

If anyone wants more information or wishes to join the Katrina Disaster Relief Committee they can call Laura Seitz at 271-3265 or Carol Shanesy at 271-7645. The group meets regularly at the Municipal Building and has a link on the village website. It includes representatives of the all the houses of worship, the village government, representatives of various village organizations and concerned individuals.


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