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Westchester's Treasure Hunt

November 22, 2005

Are you someone with a three- to five-year-old child who would like a barely used 2-wheel bike with training wheels for the holidays? How about an electric lawn mower for Dad? Or a computer and printer for the college student? Maybe some firewood for the fireplace this winter? All these items are free and available now for pick up at Westchester County’s Treasure Hunt website.

You can also donate your no-longer-wanted items on the site. How about donating your used 7-passenger van to the Croton Disaster Relief Committee that wants to provide mobile medical units for doctors and nurses in Mississippi where many medical facilities were destroyed by the storm. Or your old computer to the 73-year-old lady who has just completed a computer course at WCC for seniors. You have a choice among many well-deserving people in need.

Many families on tight budgets have taken advantage of this program to start a new home. Moms-to-be have found baby furniture, clothing, used toys and kitchen utensils through the website. Hospital beds, wheelchairs and dorm furniture have been picked up within days of their website posting. The site is a free informational data bank, designed to put Westchester’s useable items back to good use. It lists used household items like furniture, kitchen and garden appliances or office equipment. Items are listed free for one week, no money can be charged for the items and recipients are responsible for pickup.

The website is managed by the county’s Recycling Office. Besides putting bottles, cans and paper out in recycling bins, the exchange of used household items is another form of recycling. You do not need to have a computer to participate. To list an item you need or want to give away, you can call 813-5415 or go directly to the website. You can choose to be contacted by phone, e-mail or both.


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