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Pray for the USA

November 23, 2005

It started out with noble men
Who took the time to say
Free us from this tyranny
Whatever comes what may
Battlegrounds across the land
Fighting civil wars
Creating rules for everyone
Freedom was assured

But now, we have lost our way
Do you think we’re better off today

Something happened through the years
Priorities were changed
Instead of bringing unity
We focused on our gain$

And now, we don’t understand
Would you say this is the Promised Land?

Politics has taken on
A nasty kind of smell
Mud is slung across the aisle
We’re told “Go to Hell!”
We’ve figured out how to distract
From our founders words
Place the blame on minorities
Strike the racial chord

And we, will never see the light
We can’t tell what is wrong from right

Now we fight wars unprepared
Sending men to die
Are we told the truth or lies?
I sit and wonder why

So pray for the USA
Ask the Lord how we can find our way

2005 Franki Girl Tunes Inc. ASCAP

On November 24, 2005 12:38 PM, Jeff T. said:

I thank the composer for his thoughtful lyrics.

I admit it — at first I thought we should should invade. I guess what is true in a tragic tale is also true in real life — you sow the seeds of your undoing when you go do something that’s wrong. We should have waited for the weapons inspectors and for the Arab countries to be part of the solution. We could have forced Saddam out over the course of a few years and not rushed to war. Democracy can’t come from the barrel of a gun, period.


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