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Starring Ed Rondthaler

November 23, 2005

Centenarian and 65 year Croton-on-Hudson resident Ed Rondthaler will tell the story of his long time friend in the documentary “Echo: Theodore Cornu and his Times in the Hudson River Valley”.

The documentary, produced by local filmmaker Timothy Auld, tells the story of this committed activist using Mr. Rondthalers extensive recollections and Mr. Cornus own words, drawings, photographs, and paintings. The program will air on channel 78 at 8:00 PM on November 26 & 27, December 3 & 4, and December 10 & 11.

Theodore Cornu (1885-1986) began exploring the Hudson River at the age of thirteen in 1899. Early in the twentieth century he began to spend summers camping on the shores and islands of the Croton River. From about 1920 to 1950 he made his home in the ferry house at Van Cortlandt Manor. In response to what he saw as the rapid despoilation of the Hudson and its tributaries Mr. Cornu founded an organization which he named the Hudson Valley Echoes. The Echoes had no officers, dues or meetings. To join you simply pledged to work for conservation. According to Mr. Rondthaler …his converts were won almost entirely by example and he always worked ten times harder than he ever hoped you would.

For more information please call or email Timothy Auld. (914) 271-9686.

Pen and ink drawing by Theodore Cornu. The mill in the Croton Estuary, 1929 from


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