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A Penal Process Known as Banishment... Explained

December 7, 2005

Several readers have written me this morning asking about the details surrounding our decision to ban IP Address from commenting on Crotonblog (see "STB Denies NIR Application Without Predjudice").

Common questions:

1. "What information does Crotonblog know about me when I post a comment?"

Answer: The ONLY information Crotonblog knows about our commenters is their IP address and "nickname". When you submit a comment, you get a copy of it sent to you by email. We get the same thing, nothing more.

Crotonblog uses a highly-respected 3rd-party comment authentication system, called TypeKey, so we avoid ANY and ALL conflicts of interest with our readers. Plus, we cannot become the keeper of privacy, a responsibility we choose to avoid at all costs.

The best practice for complete anonymity is to not share your email address with us when you login to TypeKey to post a comment. Sometimes, email addresses contain a person's name or company name. The only drawback is that we cannot contact you in reply to a comment you have made. If you do share your email address with Crotonblog while commenting, we do not retain/share it or ever use it for ANY purpose, and we never will.

2. "Can Crotonblog commenters can use multiple "nicknames" to sign their posts?"


3. "Can I be banned from commenting for using multiple "nicknames?"


4. "Why did Crotonblog ban this IP Address?"

ANSWER: This IP address was banned because the commenter here clearly intended to purposefully manipulate our readers by posting comments and answering them themself in an effort to discredit others.

This commenter had been warned before about comment spamming and also had a comment deleted for going off-topic. We promised to ban malicious commenters as a policy, so we did. Please play nice, play fair.

Further, it appears that this commenter has gone on record in The Gazette and newsletter denouncing Crotonblog while engaging in the very practice the commenter opposes (FLASHBACK: Richard Pellicci in "Entering Bizarre World"). One time, even going so far as to suggest litigation against this publication with regards to this article, "Political Cartooning" about new 18-year-old Croton GOP Chairman Rob DiFrancesco.

Editor's Note:

And, finally, to all readers and commenters of Crotonblog. I personally object to the very notion of having to post your real name on this blog for the very reason illustrated in this post. Here is a commenter who badgered our cherished readers about posting under a "nickname" by urging them to diclose their real names. One can only guess what that commenter would do after knowing who is who...?

With that said, it's no wonder that we consistently get many more comments than The Gazette gets Letters to the Editor... Who wants to disclose their name and risk personal attacks by those with opposing views on issues as contentious as Metro Enviro/Regus...

And by the way, Crotonblog loves, values and is very thankful for our fast-growing readership. In fact, we just celebrated welcoming 2,482 unique visitors, who visited 10,055 times and looked at 82,246 pages (see our stats) to Crotonblog this past November 2005. Wow!!! We can't believe it.

And, also, special thanks to readers for the recent surge in very generous donations, which we ask for in lieu of a subscription or a pesky paygate like the NY Times does...

That's it for now. Please feel free to send other questions regarding this action to me by clicking here.

On December 9, 2005 7:43 PM, TeaDrinker said:

Gut-C, I have deleted Weewill’s comment for going very off topic.

If readers have an opinion, and would like to start a fresh topic, please write a Letter to the Editor or send us an email and maybe we’ll write your subject.

Our decision to banish a commenter this week was NOT an easy one.

Cherished readers, please don’t force our hand again. I think its fair to say that when fellow bloggers cry foul, Crotonblog needs to take a look and evaluate the objection.

Thank you Gut-C.

On December 9, 2005 7:17 PM, Gut-C said:

Weewill, What does that have to do with Ms. Cudaquist being banned from this blog?

Yes, this blog is for commenting on actions taken by the board, but start a new comment if you’re going to change the subject with your response.

On December 9, 2005 7:12 PM, dors said:

I have, on a number of occasions, publicly questioned Ms. Cudaquest’s armchair quarterbacking. For all her ranting and know-it-all attitude one can see that she’s afraid of failure and rejection. Say what you feel, mean what you say, and wait for the chips to fall where they may. One does not need four “handles” to hammer home the same theme. Trust your gut!

As far as naming names I will sign my name today because I am not afraid of retribution. I always stand by my words, but I can surely understand anonymity by bloggers. CrotonBlog does a great job of giving Croton an outlet to air their laundry; dirty, clean, or starched. Keep up the great work.

Susan Dorien

On December 7, 2005 3:48 PM, Mrs. Smith said:

Well, well. As a member of a family which has been the subject of her sad attentions for many years, I am gratified to see this person exposed for the manipulative and rather pathetic person that she is. But, be prepared, you will most likely to be smeared all over any news outlet that will listen, it happens to anyone who dares to disagree.


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