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Rob DiFrancesco Enlists in the "War on Christmas"

December 19, 2005

You know, I really thought that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and John Gibson over at Faux News were the only ones in the world that were taking their self-contrived “War on Christmas” (really a war of distraction) seriously. After all, while these guys were pontificating about an attack on Christmas, Faux News sent out inviations that welcomed employees to their “Holiday” party and sold “Holiday” ornaments from their website. Even President Bush sent “Holiday” cards…

Sadly, the “War on Christmas” seems to have made its way up the mighty Hudson and landed on the shores of Croton. Has the Croton GOP appointed itself as our “Minuteman” in its psuedo-defense? After reading about 18-year-old Croton-on-Hudson GOP Chairman Rob DiFrancesco (see: “Political Cartooning”) in the North County News, at first, I was a little surprised to see that “DiFrancesco began his political education by listening to Sean Hannity’s talk radio show and watching the O’Reilly Factor”. But now it makes sense to me… That might be why the newly redesigned Croton GOP website, is adorned with “Merry Christmas”, just like Bill O’Reilly’s

So Rob, what’s the Croton GOP doing for The Jews, The African Americans, The Muslims, The Ba’hai’s, The Hindus, the oh, I’ll say it, The Athiests of Croton-on-Hudson this year? Is the Croton GOP an exclusionary party now? Boy, oh boy…

You want more? I’m watching TV, channel 78, and up pops the “Winterfest” sildeshow… Watch it (see: “Merry Winterfestmas”), I streamed it because I thought it was really one-sided. Now, I wasn’t at the event, but the pictures of Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt’s “Summerfest” alter-ego community gathering were ALL about Christmas and nothing else.

Or am I missing something? Was this a Croton GOP coordinated “pre-emptive strike” on the “War on Christmas”?

So, Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt, maybe next year, “Winterfest” will be about Winter. Please leave the RELIGIOUS aspects of the Winter season to our beloved local houses of worship.

— Ross Weale

On December 20, 2005 9:23 AM, weewill said:

Here we go again - Young Rob’s immaturity and inexperience have once again causes him to make a serious error in judgement that lacks any indication of understanding of Croton and its residents.

The GOP website is indeed a work of red, white and blue art but not the least bit relevant to Croton life. We do have Jews, Muslims, B’Hai’. Hindu’s, Aetheists, Agnostics and people of color living and loving Croton. Imagine, Rob, we even have democrats!.

The crotonblog is no place to advertise (and that’s exactly what your letter to the blog was doing) GOP propaganda, listing only republicans in local, county and state elected officials. Your limited republican approach to life is obvious by your tunnel vision. You guys need to step up to the plate and pay the crotonblog for advertisement and not try to sneak it in under village news. If you’re going to welcome neighbors, you should welcome all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday might celebrate.


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