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Dear Skaters

January 4, 2006

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Original text from the letter to the Village Board of Trustees:

Recreation Advisory Committee
Village of Croton-on-Hudson
1 Van Wyck Street
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

To: Mayor Gregory Schmidt
Trustee Thomas Brennan
Trustee Charles Kane
Trustee James Steinberg
Trustee Leo Wiegman

Date: December 20, 2005
Subject: Skatepark
Reference: Skatepark Revenue and Attendance 2003, 2004, & 2005, Letter of February 18, 2005

As we suggested in our letter of February 18, the Recreation Advisory Commitee is recommending the Village Board close the Croton Skatepark based on the following facts:

1. There has been a dramatic decrease in both attendance and revenue at the Croton Skatepark from 2003 to 2005.

a) The 2005 attendance is only 41% of what it was in 2003.
b) The 2005 revenue is only 48% of what it was in 2003.
c) Village residents account for less than 35% attendance and only 26% of total revenue in 2005.
d) 2005 revenue covers only 40% of direct seasonal payroll costs. Costs of time invested by full-time personnel for administration and maintenance, plus additional supplies and contractual costs are not recouped.

2. As there were 204 days in the 2005 skatepark season, attendance averaged only 3.44 skaters per day, with only 1.2 Village residents skating per day.

3. Given the facts listed above, it is an easily reached conclusion that the Village and the resident tax-payers are supporting a facility that is used predominantly by non-residents at a 3 to 1 ratio. This is contrary to the Mission Statement of the Recreation and Parks Department, and is not an efficient use of tax-payer dollars.

4. The Recreation and Parks Department has tried various suggestions to improve attendance and none have worked, such as,

a) keeping the park open until 8:00 PM in the summer for cooler skating hours
b) holding a skating contest and exhibition
c) having two free weeks of skating for Village and School District residents
d) advertising group discounts for parties and the like

5. The skatepark equiptment is aging and soon will require more expensive maintenance and repairs.

We are willing to provide additional supporting information in necessary.


The Recreation Advisory Committee

Cc: Richard Herbek, Village Manager


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