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On Board with Croton's Boy Scout Troop 28

January 7, 2006

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Croton’s Boy Scout Troop 28 was on-hand for a recent Village Board of Trustees Meeting held on January 3, 2006, as part of a requirement of earning their “Citizenship in the Community” merit badge.

Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt marked this special occasion by asking two local scouts to help him start the Village Board meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with him. The troop, while in attendence, listened intently as the Board worked through the evening’s agenda, which included a public hearing, a reading of recent written correspondences, and a vote on two resolutions.

Towards the end of the meeting, during “citizen participation on non-agenda items”, a parent-scout leader asked, “Would you you be kind enough to give the scouts an explanation, brief explanation of how the Village government works, what your respective roles are, how you get your jobs, whether you are appointed to them or elected. I think that would be a good background for them.”

Treasurer Abraham Zambrano, Village Manager Rick Herbek, Trustee Thomas Brennan, Trustee Jim Steinberg, Trustee Leo Wiegman, Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt and Village Attorney Marianne Stecich, who were all in attendance, weighed in with their thoughtful responses. Absent was Trustee Charlie Kane, while he recovers from a surgery, as noted by the Mayor during the meeting.


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