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And Speaking of Love...

February 8, 2006

Dear Readers,

Thank you very, very much for visiting Crotonblog so much this past year! In fact, since we launched Crotonblog in mid-January of 2005—a year later—our monthly readership has grown to 3,316 unique website visitors, who visited 13,085 times and viewed 81,663 pages during January 2006 alone!

So, to show you how grateful we are, we’ve added a few new features that we hope you have noticed lately;

  1. Email newsletter – Get Crotonblog headlines sent to your email inbox each morning. Sign up below to get started.
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  2. Enhanced search features – Find an article easier and faster in our search engine by using keywords, a date range, looking within a specific section, choosing whether your target was published within the articles archives, past comments or both. Then, re-sort the results by newest to oldest or visa-versa…

  3. Browse your way – Choose between the default “Article” view or the new “Headline” view (the link to switch to the “Headline” view is labeled “Browse” and is located on the top right near the search boxes of all pages) while reading.

As always, please contact us with your announcements, suggestions and advertising inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

Love, the Crotonblog staff


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