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Rolnick and Moore Tapped to Lead Croton Dems

February 10, 2006

Nineteen local Democrats turned out on Thursday, February 9, 2006, for the regular monthly meeting at the Croton Free Library to elect a elect a new chair and secretary.

By a unanimous vote, Paul Rolnick was elected as the new Chair of the Croton Democratic Committee as the party heads into the local village elections next month. Mr. Rolnick had previously served as commiittee Secretary and said, “Those of us with school age families need to step up to the plate. It’s our turn to pitch in”.

The group thanked outgoing chair, Laura Seitz, for her many years of leadership and asked her to stay on to co-chair the annual Soup Supper fundraiser committee. In turn, Mr. Rolnick appointed Leo Wiegman to serve as Campaign Committee Chair for the upcoming village election and Tom Moore to serve as Vice-Chair for the campaign.

In the upcoming Village election being held on March 21, 2006, Former Water Control Commission chair, Charlie Kane seeks a second term as Village Trustee and is joined by running mate Ann Gallelli—who has served two prior terms as a Village Trustee and 12 years as Chairperson of the Planning Board— for the other Trustee seat.

Rounding out the Democratic ticket this year is Sam Watkins who seeks the Village Justice post—having served three prior terms as Village Trustee—while Croton GOP Incumbent Guy Adami has held the Village Justice post for nearly a quarter century. Attorney Watkins represents the first challenger that Democrats have put forth in 16 years against Adami.

Newly appointed Secretary Tom Moore added, “This race is about experience, such as what Charlie and Ann bring to the table, versus rookies, such as what the opponents offer”. Further, he added, “Right now, the rookies taking credit for things planned long before they arrived, like Croton Landing (view photo gallery), because—as rookies in charge—they don’t know how to start anything new”.

On February 10, 2006 3:42 PM, weewill said:

Rob - I am blown away by your comments and thank you for your willingness to offer a latent olive branch. That was a mature and professional gesture and I thank you. Let’s hope we both, republicans and democrats alike, can discuss the complex issues and articulate our candidate’s concrete plans for the future of Croton. This will be a tremendously important election where the majority of the board may very well change again…

Clearly I think we need Ann Gallelli on the board along with Charlie Kane. Ann has more knowledge, background, history and planning expertise than anyone else in Croton. She’s recognized throughout the County as a valuable source of information for all viable avenues of planning.

Charlie Kane, in his quiet and unassuming way is known for his detailed and in-depth research on very complicated issues. He’s largely responsible for uncovering indispensable facts to prevent the Millennium pipeline from crossing over our beloved Havestraw Bay. His knowledge and research afforded us a huge advantage in the fight..

I respectfully suggest to you, Rob, and to one and all, that we need their knowledge, dedication and commitment. And because of this first-hand knowledge of undeniable value, I will be campaigning for them.

As you put forth the qualifications of your GOP candidates, I hope we can chart their experience and proven abilities in village government against that of Ann and Charlie.

May the best man or woman win!

On February 10, 2006 3:04 PM, Rob DiFrancesco said:

Congratulations to Paul Rolnick on being selected Chairman of the Croton Democrats and also to Tom Moore on his new position as Secretary.

Former Chair, Laura Seitz, deserves a thank you from residents, Party affiliation aside, for her commitment to the political process. She has also made a lasting contribution to this community as a teacher and more recently through her bipartisan efforts with the Croton Disaster Relief Committee; an organization that embodies the caring attitude of the Croton community.

Again, my congratulations to Paul Rolnick. I look forward to working with him to ensure a good campaign, rich with debate on the issues that matter to Croton residents.

  • Rob

Rob DiFrancesco Chairman Croton GOP


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