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Croton Candidate Debate On for Tonight

March 7, 2006

On Tuesday, March 7, 2006, the League of Women Voters present a debate between the Democratic (Ann Gallelli, Charlie Kane, Sam Watkins) and Republican (Joe Gonzalez, Jim Steinberg, Guy Adami) candidates running for two Trustee seats and a Village Justice spot. The candidate debate is being held in the Municipal Building at 7:30 p.m. and will also be simulcast on Cablevision channel 78.

On March 7, 2006 9:59 PM, Just The Facts said:

After watching the debate, I am dumbstruck at how Mr. Steinberg can on one hand lament about how it’s a shame that the village board has become so partisan and then launch into an divisive closing statement, that unlike the other three (including Mr. Gonzalez’s eloquent close) sought only to attack the democrats on the board and call for increasing the GOP majority. If anyone is to blame for the partisanship that has crippled the town’s board, Mr. Steinberg should look in the mirror.

In analyzing Mr. Steinberg’s rationale for his position, he points to the fact that Mr. Weigman and Mr. Kane often vote against “this administrations” resolutions. Mr. Steinberg would be well advised to learn the lesson that is taught at CET and all elementary schools – getting along is not taking the position that “its my way or the highway”. Even Mr. Steinberg’s own running mate, Mr. Gonzalez seems to realize that the important thing is to listen to all viewpoints, including disagreeing ones. Has Mr. Steinberg or Mayor Schmidt’s administration sought to reach a consensus on the Metro Enviro or any other issue? I think not.

Finally, and equally as important, I am absolutely dismayed as a village resident at the way Mr. Steinberg treats citizens appearing in front of the board as well as his fellow trustees – interrupting, putting words in their mouth and speaking over them – this reflects badly on the entire village and should be uniformly condemned by everyone.


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