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Back on Board with Croton's Dems

March 23, 2006

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What a relief to see the Democrats back on board. Looking around the village lately, it looked like we were a resoundingly Republican village (I thought I was just completely out of touch).

Last year, I was shocked when Jim Steinberg was “placed” in the position of Trustee when he hadn’t won that position in the voting polls. Did the opinion of the voters not matter? I was concerned that we were going to see an attitude in our new local government of “What the public says doesn’t matter.” Thankfully, the voters of the village spoke up clearly yesterday. Obviously, I was not as far out of the loop as I thought.

Yes, Virginia, Democracy still exists.”

— Liz Jacobson

On March 30, 2006 10:10 AM, weewill said:

You are a wise woman, Maria Williamson. I couldn’t agree more with your plea for reason and civility and an end to the “nonsense” from both sides.

To his credit, the Mayor is quoted in today’s Journal News as “taking a wait-and-see” approach to the new political atmosphere.” He is further quoted as saying he “favored the idea of a special attorney on the condemnation proceedings.” That approach bodes well for the future effectiveness of the new board.

What is unfortunate, however, is that before the new board has even been sworn in Ms. Cudequest is quoted as saying “we have concerns (whoever “we” is). She further states that the “Democrats only came on board reluctantly.” Wrong again.

It’s everyone’s sincere wish that regardless of who is in the majority or minority, the board will do what it was elected to do …. and that’s to represent the whole village and work together to achieve success.

As Maria Williamson stated “It’s time to stop all the nonsense …. and get to work.”

Georgianna Grant

On March 24, 2006 10:20 PM, Maria Williamson said:

I know of at least one trustee with a child in our school system, but your concern about the keeping our school’s various issues in mind is not one of mine. I am sure the newly elected board will do just fine on that and many other issues. My concern is that they work with the current mayor to actually get things done without the anger that has really grown to a level I didn’t think I’d see in our cool town. Come on guys, is this really why we moved to Croton? It’s time to stop all the nonsense, from both sides, and just get to work.

On March 23, 2006 11:30 AM, dors said:

Sanity has been restored to our little village and I say, “Hallelujiah”.

On March 23, 2006 11:07 AM, weewill said:


Rest assured you’re not “out of touch” at all. You were right on target with your concern that “What the public says doesn’t matter” Thankfully, it can now be put to rest.

Ann and Charlie are two of the most open, out-reaching people I know. They listen, absorb and think about an issue and depend upon citizens input to help them make their decisions. If they have any unanswered questions they search out expert advice. They recognize that this village is loaded with talented, knowledgeable people and will not hesitate to call upon them. And only after that, if they still have unanswered questions. will they seek paid professional advice. They are inclusive, open-minded and trust and respect the wealth of talent we have in Croton.

We can all feel comfortable again expressing our opinions to our elected officials with the assurance that we will be heard . The board may not always reach the conclusions an individual may hope for but we can be comfortable knowing that at the very least our ideas will be received with an open mind. It will be nice to be respected and not shouted at and put down because we express an opinion.

That’s why I voted for Ann and Charlie and am proud to add my name to the list of the many people who placed their trust in these dedicated public servants. They won’t let any of us down.

Georgianna Grant Very Happy X Trustee


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