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Croton's Persisting Brown Water Problem

March 27, 2006

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As a result of the election, there will be a shift in majority party on the Village board. While there are many big issues to be dealt with, I hope that the new majority will find time to insist that those responsible for the water supply get to the bottom of the “brown water” problem. Last I heard, many months ago, a consultant was brought in.

This problem has been around for years. We used to be told that this was only seasonal or related to flushing the hydrants. I am tired of having to scrub out not only toilets but the hard to reach walls of my dishwasher.

The Village used to have wonderful water. Now, we use a lot of bottled water. That shouldn’t be necessary. The Village has spent a lot on its water supply—and it should not leave a stain.

— Stephen Jacoby


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