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Croton's New Yard Waste Program to Ease Outdoor Cleanup for Residents

March 27, 2006

The Croton-on-Hudson Department of Public Works (DPW) begins a new yard waste collection program next month. The new program provides residents with the convenience of disposing of leaves, twigs and small branches, shrub and hedge trimmings & flowers—all at once—in biodegradable paper bags or open top garbage cans (free biodegradable bags will NOT be given out until fall).

In a recent email to residents, DPW Supervisor Ken Kraft notes that “grass clippings should be left on the lawn” by mulching. Additionally, Mr. Kraft indicates that “any yard waste put out with the regular garbage will not be picked up” and “any yard waste in plastic bags will also not be picked up”.

Residents are urged to only place yard waste on their curbs the day before their pick up day, according to the following schedule:

  • For residents with Monday garbage collection… Yard waste collection will be on the first and third Wednesday of the month.
  • For residents with Tuesday garbage collection… Yard waste collection will be on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.
  • There will be no yard waste collection April 12th, July 5th, September 6th and October 11th, 2006.

For additional information, please call 271-3775 or email

On March 30, 2006 8:39 PM, waffels said:

Reality checks comments are well taken. I have seen in other municipalities, an independent certified arborist ideally one living in the village, being retained by the village, and consulted on just such matters. I have always thought it would be money well spent for the care and maintanence of the trees that do make this village quite beautiful and benefit all of us in so many ways. The Merwin Oak of Vasallo Park being the grandest. Something to look into………

On March 30, 2006 12:40 PM, Reality Check said:

Time for another Reality Check.

I walked that sidewalk many many times. Not once was I obstructed by that beautiful pear tree. Were there complaints? From whom? In writing? When? Moreover, who made the decision that simply pruning the treee would not suffice?

And so, our Village has sufferred another visual blight which will supposedly be remedied at some unknown time in the future when a sapling of unknown variety may get planted. What review is in place to prevent this kind of travesty in the future? Village government must find a better way to be stewards of the natural beauty we are blessed with.

I think, my friends, that our Village needs a Reality Check.

On March 30, 2006 11:32 AM, TeaDrinker said:

According to Ed Walsh of the Croton-on-Hudson Department of Public Works, the approximately 20-year-old non-fruit bearing pear tree located on Maple Street in front of the Black Cow was cut down recently because it was leaning at a poor angle, causing an obstruction to pedestrians using the sidewalk.

Click photo to enlarge…

Click photo to enlarge…

Click photo to enlarge…

Click photo to enlarge…

Further, Mr. Walsh noted that there are tentative plans to replant a new tree at that location but a timeframe or tree variety have not yet been determined.

On March 29, 2006 4:12 PM, Reality Check said:

Time for a Reality Check challenge.

I too was disturbed to see what appeared to be a perfectly healthy apple tree dispatched by Village workers. I have watched that tree flourish and provide beauty and shade for years.

The Village owes all of us a documented explanation as to why the tree was destroyed; who made the decision to commit this act of arborcide and what is that person’s qualifications to make the call. Moreover, if this deed was the result of a citizen complaint of any nature, we should be told what the complaint was and who made it.

I challenge our current majority - Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Brennan - to tell us.

And while we are on the subject: is it just coincidence, or merely fitting, that Croton’s “Tree City” flag is not flying today at the Municipal Building?

And that, my friends, is a Reality Check challenge.

On March 29, 2006 1:04 PM, cherrio said:

I am heartbroken to see the beautiful apple trees being cut down along Maple Street near the Black Cow.

They are - were - along the major gateway to our village for all kinds of traffic - from commuters on a daily basis, to so much more occasional traffic passing through.

I certainly hope at the very least that a professional assessment was made before destroying such things of beauty. Only with very, very good reasons and advice from a professional should such a drastic decision have been made. I certainly hope it wasn’t simply for convenience of care.

What a shame!


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