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Croton Pegs Eminent Domain Land Appraisal Near Five Million Dollars

April 5, 2006

Village of Croton-on-Hudson Attorney Marianne Stecich took an opportunity on Monday, April 3, 2006 to announce that she had reviewed the appraisal being used to evaluate the feasibility of pursuing eminent domain proceedings for property owned by Greentree Realty LLC at 1A Croton Point Avenue—also know as the former site of Metro Enviro (satellite map).

According to Ms. Stecich, the nearly 10-acre parcel of land—with a rail spur—that is being considered to become the new home of a centralized DPW complex was valued for an amount near five million dollars.

Option: Download and watch this video clip of “Croton Pegs Eminent Domain Land Appraisal Near Five Million Dollars” in Quicktime format (01:32 min. | 2.0 mb).

Video transcription:

Mayor Gregory Schmidt: “I’m going to ask Attorney Stecich to give us a little report on before we head into this scoping session.”

Village Attorney Marianne Stecich: “Oh, and it leads into the scoping session. Its news but its not nearly such exciting news but I just wanted to let mainly the board know that Friday we got the appraisal for 1A Croton Point Avenue which I’ll share with the board in an executive session after the meeting tonight. So I would ask later for a motion for an executive session.

And my recommendation is going to be before we release the appraisal to the public that it be reviewed by special counsel—the valuation counsel which I’m recommending. You might recall at the last meeting I circulated the resume and other materials of one person, a very experienced eminent domain lawyer. I think in executive session we should decide if we want to go ahead with him or somebody else to review this before we go on.

I read through the appraisal over the weekend and I can say it seemed very thorough, very careful. It was done by a highly qualified appraiser and I’m not going to give much of a hint about what the amount is but I just tell you that it is very, very, very comfortably under five million dollars. So, we’re not talking about the kinds of dollars that were, were floating around in the last couple of months.”


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