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Lucky Croton Finds Legal Specialists for Eminent Domain

April 19, 2006

Despite the fact that on March 07, 2006, when Village of Croton-on-Hudson Attorney Marianne Stecich said (see: “Brouhaha Erupts at Croton Village Meeting After Resolutions are Introduced”), “…If you want to go ahead an invite somebody, go ahead… I spoke to an $800.00 an hour eminent domain attorney who represented the city in the condemnation of Times Square and I’m absolutely confident. Go on, you can hire somebody. Number one. Good luck finding somebody…” in response to Trustee Charlie Kane, after he introduced a surprise resolution—during the Village Board meeting—that called for additional legal expertise in pursuit of eminent domain proceedings for 1A Croton Point Avenue—the former Metro Enviro site—a list of attorneys was recently assembled and presented to the board by Village Manager Rick Herbek.

Option: Download and watch this video clip of “Lucky Croton Finds Legal Specialists for Eminent Domain” in Quicktime format (00:30 min. | 672 kb).

At the regularly scheduled Village Board meeting held on April 17, 2006—during reports—Mr. Herbek said (see video), “You had asked me to provide you with a little report on eminent domain specialists. I’ve given you what I have so far. I plan on discussing this further with Marianne and with Mike Gerard and try to narrow the list down because this is eight or nine firms here that I’ve had a discussion with.”

On April 19, 2006 9:46 AM, weewill said:

“Lucky” just doesn’t do this effort justice! This was plain old hard work and dedicated and committed resolve to do the very best thing for the village of Croton. Ann Gallelli once again stepped up to her reputation as a “proven leader” and initiated an indepth search for experts qualified in the complicated field of eminent domain law. She consulted with Professors at Pace Law School as well as with respected lawyers at numerous prestigious law firms throughout the county and state. The eight plus names she supplied for consideration are known and highly respected by their peers as the “best in the business”.

This above and beyond “proven” leadership of the hard-working Trustee Gallelli should come as no surprise to anyone. She campaigned on this promise and now, less than one month after being overwhelming elected, she has fullfilled her campaign promise.

Additionally, at the last Village Board meeting, she shared with the public a lengthy list of questions she wanted answered by the newly chosen ED lawyer/expert before proceeding further. Again, in keeping with her campaign pledge she is committed to keeping residents informed as the process continues.

We can all sleep better knowing Ann is representing us and our interests on the board.

Thanks Ann.

Georgianna Grant


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