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Take Care of Our Mother

April 22, 2006

April 22, 2006 marks the 36th anniversary of Earth Day. A celebration begun in 1970 to draw awareness to our planet’s dwindling resources; Earth Day has diminished into nothing more than a one day “something to do” kind of event that really loses any meaningful follow through beyond the free concerts and bumper stickers.

How sad this really is when one considers the abysmal stewardship we as a generation have been allowed to perpetrate on our one and only home. As today is marked by many many planned celebrations of Earth Day all over the world let us not forget that every day is really Earth Day. We should never stop caring about the quality of our air, land, and water because our future depends on it, literally.

Let us as a people try to change the way in which we use our planet’s resources as individuals. Perhaps not leaving the water run when you brush your teeth, not standing with the refrigerator door open when deciding on a snack, or even using less toilet paper or making sure lights are always turned off when a room in your home is not in use.

As our ever more-crowded, more-polluted planet continues to shrink around us let us also be mindful of how our government acts in its stewardship of our home country:

  • Why are we not outraged that the Bush administration has rolled back nearly 30 years of environmental legislation in the name of short term economic gains?

  • Why are we not outraged that the Bush Administration has turned the Department of the Interior and the EPA into nothing more than cabinet posts filled with career yes-men who really could give a damn about preserving what little true wilderness is left?

  • Why are we not storming the White House demanding to know why the Bush administration does not endorse the Kyoto Protocol?

  • Why are we so passé when the Bush Administration routinely blows off global warming when many of the world’s leading scientists seem to have irrefutable evidence that it is gaining momentum?

It is time for the world to wake up. It is time for the world to reduce its addiction (as our oilman prez coined in his State of the Union address in 2006) to oil and natural gas. It is time for us to realize that our natural resources will be gone forever once depleted. Think about this: much of the geo-political turmoil that has plagued our world and continues to spiral out of control is directly related to the race to secure one’s energy future. China, India, Russia, America, Japan, Europe, Africa, South America all competing for a finite quantity of rapidly diminishing resources will result in what kind of world for our kids and grandkids?

It is time to make a stand and let our elected leaders know that environmentalism is not for tree hugging hippies who come out once a year to re-live the 70’s; but rather an important lynchpin in the shaping of all global governmental policy initiatives to secure a safe and healthy future for our planet and her children.


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