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A Summary of Changes to the Adopted Village Budget

April 25, 2006

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The public hearing on the annual village budget affords residents the opportunity to make suggestions and comments on the way our tax dollars are spent. The board—dubbed “the deciders”—then make cuts or additions based on citizen input. The Village Manager and Treasurer then recalculate the estimated increase/decrease in the proposed budget and it becomes final. This is an excellent system and the following summary of changes from the original proposed budget to the final adopted budget are important to understand.

The new majority of Ann Gallelli, Charlie Kane and Leo Wiegman fulfilled their campaign promises (see: “Elect Charlie Kane, Ann Gallelli and Sam Watkins”) by:

  1. Reinstating $500,000 in grant money for parking lot improvement (in 2006-2007 budget) and flood control (see “Flood Waters Swamp Cars Again in Croton Harmon Commuter Parking Lot”).
  2. Providing new recreation program staff member (starting Dec 1, 2006) to help alleviate Recreation Department work overload.
  3. Allocating funds for Croton Point Park ball field (view slideshow) appropriation (for August 2006 for 2 years) for school, Recreation Department and local groups to use until Croton Landing (view pictures) is completed.
  4. Providing funds for Webcasting of Village Board meetings (to start this summer 2006.)

And most important; a clear intent for funding the immediate hiring of an eminent domain specialist to advise the village on the condemnation proceedings (see “Adoption of Findings Statement for 1A Croton Point Avenue Tabled by Village Board”).

The Village Manager and Treasurer did an exceptional job of recalculating the proposed budget to incorporate the written budget suggestions submitted by Trustees Wiegman, Gallelli and Kane and turn them into a final budget that did NOT increase the proposed tax increase from the original draft. Summary of changes between FY 2005-6 & FY 2006-7 show 6 major ‘debits’ and 1 major ‘credit’.

  • Energy costs have risen (15% for fuel and 30% for electricity) to over $150,000.
  • Health insurance has risen by 9% across the board.
  • Union contract raises are just under 4%.
  • Police budget has increased by 10% (to $2.3 million) to add 1 officer for 21 officer contingent.
  • Legal expense budget up 20% by $60,000 (from $256k to $317k).
  • Village’s taxable valuations have fallen by 1.5%.
  • Village’s non-tax revenue has increased (parking lot up 12%, county sales tax share is up 5%)

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson is moving forward again!

— Georgianna Grant, X-Trustee


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