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"I Should Have Stayed at Holiday Inn Express..."

April 26, 2006

Last week’s historic visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao certainly has to go down in the annals of recent Presidential history as one of the more bizarre events we’ve seen from W’s out-of-control, out-of-touch, and out-of their-mind administration. The oddities that occurred did absolutely zippo to improve W’s pathetic and bumbling image on the international stage. But perhaps the most captivating images of the official Chinese visit were these two classic photos:


In the first our No. 2 man-in-charge, sure-shot Dick (Get Your Gun) Cheney was caught napping—but at least not drooling—during an Oval Office meeting with W and President Jintao. Perhaps someone accidentally tripped over the plug on the generator that has kept him going these last 6+ years. Or maybe since Halliburton or oil or drunken hunting trips or cooking up another war were not on the agenda he figured he could tune out to watch that movie on his eyelids. Whatever the reason he did us proud… just as he always does.


In the second, our girl—Secretrix of State Condi Rice—was caught catching the same movie on her eyelids. Or maybe Condi and Sure-shot (catching some zzzz’s in the background) were out together the night before doing who knows what until who knows when—a vile thought to be sure. In any event, another senior W administration official serving our country emphatically and proudly.

After all, it was only China visiting US. It’s not like it was someone important on the world stage like an oil company executive or Fox News reporter or an associate of convicted felon and frequent Presidential guest Jack Abramoff; who may just be sleazier than Tom Delay. It was only China, don’t sweat it. Old and tired we are.

Darn, only 2+ more years of this! Maybe this is why this administration has gotten so much achieved and has always come out with such well detailed and well thought out policy decisions—these high-octane, high-energy cabinet meetings with endless input from top level people. These pictures attest to it, don’t they?


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