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Doesn't Croton's Assessor Talk to Other Assessors in Westchester?

May 13, 2006


In a fine piece of investigative reporting in the February 16 issue of The Gazette entitled “Well, Here’s Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into,” Robert Scott showed that Croton-on-Hudson had for several years been taxing its senior citizens at a higher rate than any other community in Westchester. The reason for this was the failure of Croton’s assessor to adjust senior citizen exemptions to match those promulgated by New York State.

One might think that misfeasance on the part of an employee would bring some sort of penalty. One might think that, and one would be wrong. Instead, Croton rewarded the employee with a generous salary increase of five percent, a figure higher than Social Security gave seniors for the coming year.

In his column, Mr. Scott had suggested that Croton refund the overpaid taxes. State law apparently prohibits this, a fact Mayor Dr. Gregory Schmidt appeared relieved to discover. Mr. Scott countered by suggesting in a letter to the editor that Croton make amends for the overcharges by issuing to affected seniors a credit against future taxes, something not prohibited by law.

Therefore, Crotonblog is compelled to inquire about the status of the tax credits and ask the Mayor, “What’s up, Doc?”


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