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On Demand: The Annual Meeting of Croton's Phase II Stormwater Program

May 18, 2006

Option: Watch this clip on Google Video (38:46 mins).

During the May 15, 2006, Village Board meeting, Manager Rick Herbek said “I just had a thought that we want to make better use of our government access channel as time goes on and what would be good is almost just to take what the presentation was tonight and what Eleanor had to say and make that maybe something that we could put out on some kind of a basis. So, that is something that we can take up with Barbara Gellman and see if we can do that.” Mayor Gregory Schmidt followed up by saying “I think that that is a good idea. A lot of people do watch.”

And so, here it is. Not on cable but as a streaming video available to all Croton residents—anytime.


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