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Croton Sustainable Energy Policy Results in 435 MW-h Wind Energy Purchase for 2005

May 27, 2006

Croton’s sustainable energy policy officially commenced on February 3, 2003 when the Board of Trustees—led by Mayor Robert Elliott—unanimously passed a resolution to buy 25% of its energy needs for 2004 from wind-powered energy. That purchase turned out to be the largest percentage of wind power utilized by any other municipality in New York State.

Encouraged by its involvement, the village joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership to demonstrate it commitment to sustainable energy. At the time, Mayor Robert Elliott said of the program, “This purchase of wind power is a natural outgrowth of our aggressive pursuit of energy conservation and environmental sustainability. I hope that towns and villages throughout the Hudson Valley will lead the way to advancing clean energy resources such as wind to ensure our communities are cleaner and safer for our children and their children.”

Most recently, at the May 15, 2006, Village Board meeting, Manager Rick Herbek announced to residents that the village had been sent a letter—from Brent Alderfer of Community Energy—thanking Croton for its purchase of 435 megawatt hours (MW-h) in 2005 and included a certificate of appreciation for supporting wind energy inititives.

Option: Download and watch this video clip of “Croton Sustainable Energy Policy Results in 435 MW-h Wind Energy Purchase for 2005” from the Village Board meeting on May 15, 2006, in Quicktime format (2:10 min. | 2.7 mb).

Video transcript:

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “The first letter is from Brent Alderfer of Community Energy thanking the village for the purchase of new wind energy. The village’s purchase directly supports the expansion of wind generated electricity. We recieved a certificate verifying the total amount of wind energy delivered to the New York power grid on behalf of the village an ah, the production amount for 2005 was 435 megawatts

Mayor Greg Schmidt: “Megawatts?”

Trustee Charlie Kane: “Megawatt hours. MW-h. Megawatt hours.”

Village Manager Rick Herbek: “This is the ah, certificate we recieved.”

Mayor Greg Schmidt: “Okay.”

Later, during the “reports” part of the meeting…

Trustee Leo Wiegman: “Thirdly on the certificate that we got for buying 435 megawatts worth of wind-generated electricity—I wondered whether there was any difference in the rate that we are getting credit towards—in other words, how much are we paying for that electricity versus the 30% increase we are getting from PASNY? I suspect we’re not going to see a 30% increase from new wind energy.”

Treasurer Abe Zambrano: “Um, no, I mean that the contract for the wind, wind energy is pretty stable. It’s the same thing every year. Correct.”

Trustee Leo Wiegman: “So, that maybe we want to look at expanding our portfolio of stable energy supply versus—”

Treasurer Abe Zambrano: “Yeah, we can take a look at that.”

Trustee Leo Wiegman: “If PASNY goes up 30%, it may equate to what we pay for megawatt hours of renewed wind energy, assuming that there is enough turbines up to generate more. So, we lock ourselves into a flat rate as opposed to one that bumps. But, it all depends on the numbers. If the numbers work, fine. If the numbers don’t work, we shouldn’t change.”

Mayor Greg Schmidt: “And the legislation is working correcting that little loophole in the law that make it legal for us to do all of those things but I know they are working on that.”


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