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Proper Respects to Crotonblog Readers

June 5, 2006


Website traffic reporting for May 2006 showed record-breaking usage for Crotonblog. As illustrated in the above chart, Crotonblog welcomed 3,737 unique visitors who initiated 13,357 visitor sessions and viewed 90,350 pages.

Throughout the month of May, the following titles ranked in with the top ten most viewed stories on Crotonblog:

  1. Fate of Croton Daycare Center Hangs in the Balance…
  2. Unhappiness Aboard Croton’s Loveboat
  3. A New Player in Croton’s Eminent Domain Game
  4. Thar She Blows! Trustees set to Vote on Croton Sailing School Contract…
  5. Be a “Decider” for Croton!
  6. I’m the Paranoid One in the Bunch…
  7. Croton Police Blotter - Week of May 8th
  8. Gallelli and Stecich Update Croton Residents on C&D Transfer Site
  9. African-American History Comes Alive at Philipsburg Manor’s Pinkster Festival
  10. Putting the Cart Before the Horse: An Interesting Sequence of Nondevelopments…

As always, we are very appreciative to our growing readership who access Crotonblog via the web, mobile devices, offline with “to go”, RSS newsfeeds and by our email newsletter (subscribe below to get Crotonblog headlines sent to your email inbox each morning).

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In particular, we tip our hat with gratitude to friend for syndicating our news stories, to our neighbors who write in with requests to help them promote upcoming local events, the “guy in the kitchen”, the “Crotonbloggers” for their thoughtful and polite commentary, and especially those who have been so generous in making monetary donations to us.

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