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Croton Residents Form New Bike-Pedestrian Master Plan Committee

June 9, 2006

During the regularly scheduled Village Board meeting held on Monday, June 5, 2006, Trustee Ann Gallelli announced that a committee of residents has formed to create a bicycle-pedestrian master plan. The group of residents includes Joe Biber, Justin Casson, Jeremy Goldsmith, Josh Moreinis, Robert Olsson and Ms. Gallelli.

The bicycle/pedestrian master plan will serve a compliment to the recommendations made in the Village Comprehensive Plan—written by the Planning Board and unanimously passed by the Village Board in a 2003 resolution. The main goal of this citizen-driven initiative is to a have a forward-looking plan in place that seeks to better connect residential, school, commercial and public transportation hubs together. In fact, Trustee Gallelli likens the plan to the very successful plan developed by the Trails Committee.

The committee is striving to provide the village and its residents with a proactive approach by providing guidance with respect to their priorities for those times in the future when development opportunities arise and are presented for municipal consideration. In the short term, committee members—with former Planning Board Chairperson Ann Gallelli’s assistance—will look for easy and low cost opportunities to foster a better non-motorized ways of traversing heavily utilized areas within the village, such as new crosswalks.

Much like Trustee Thomas Brennan’s Community Center Advisory Committee—formed a year ago—this group will spend time over the summer collecting data, and then look ahead to the fall when they will begin seeking public input. Additionally, new committee is looking to identify other Croton-on-Hudson residents that would like to become a contributing part of this volunteer effort. For more information, please contact Trustee Ann Gallelli via email at galleaj AT aol DOT com.

Video clip:

Option: Download and watch this video clip of “Croton Residents Form New Bike-Pedestrian Master Plan Committee” from the Village Board meeting on June 5, 2006, in Quicktime format (1:32 min. | 2.0 mb).

Video transcript:

Trustee Ann Gallelli: “Tonight, before the meeting, we had a presentation from a group of people that are interested in ah, creating a bicycle pedestrian master plan committee. And they outlined for the Village Board tonight, their objectives.

One of them would be to create a bicycle pedestrian system in the village—somewhat like out trail system. And this would be a future reaching effort so that once this master plan is in place as opportunities come along—perhaps with development, new streets or re-paving of streets and things like that then the plan would be in place for what should happen in that location.

And the second part of their objectives are to identify short term action plan type things where they feel that some immediate improvements could be made in either the bicycle or the pedestrian um, ah, pathways through the village.

And of course all of this is consistent with what everybody adopted in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan—which called for more and better connectivity from the neighborhoods and the commercial areas of the village and to the station and to the schools.

So, you’ll being hearing more from this committee. They’re going to do some data collection over the summer and then they are going to reach out for public input—focus sessions—in the fall. So you will be hearing more on that.”


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