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It's Hard Keepin' Up with All That's Good in Croton

June 15, 2006

It’s been far too long since the last issue of iluvcrtn hit the stands. It’s not that things aren’t hopping and happening in town; it’s that so much happens it’s hard to keep up with it. This is an especially great time of the year in our much loved village and this issue will try to capture some of the many, many good things going on.


Lazy, hazy summer is upon us and may it be a happy, relaxed one for all. The kids are out of school and ready to rock! Beautiful Silver Lake is in full swing and the water is as cold (and refreshing!) as it always has been. Senasqua Park affords peace and beauty like no other place in the world. The Croton and Hudson Rivers wrap this Village in a blanket of serenity and comfort that we’ve come to depend upon over many turbulent times.

Steve Jennings and his wonderful Sailing School has a renewed lease with the village and we can be sure he will continue his care and love for the park and river. He has introduced the Village of Croton to many newcomers and projects a positive and exciting aspect of life in this special little Village. We are truly in a special place and have added responsibilities to protect and preserve our treasured natural resources.

Even though the schools are preparing to take a break from the rigors of the academic world, the work never stops. The Croton Harmon School custodial staff swings into high gear as they prepare to do major cleaning, painting and repairs to our 3 beautifully renovated physical plants. They, once again, perform their miracles around the numerous children’s activities that continue to take place such as Children’s Theatre, Tiny Tots and CET Day Camp during the few short summer months.


A word of hearty congratulations to the parent volunteers at Croton Harmon Education Foundation (CHEF) who worked tirelessly once again this year to create the fantasy evening known as a night “Under the Starts”. The Senasqua Lodge at Croton Point was turned into a fairyland of twinkling lights, good music, good friends and to top the celebration off - fantastic, spectacular gourmet food. The auction raised an incredible $53,000 – up from $45,000 last year. And all this despite a nasty, rainy day. These fantastic men and women were not to be deterred in their good humor, energy and high spirits despite the all day torrential downpours.

Our Village has never looked better. It seems that more and more residents are aware of their own properties as well as those surrounding their homes. It’s not at all unusual to see someone leisurely out for a stroll and to watch as they stop to pick up litter along the sidewalk. Everyone seems to be taking more pride in their own surroundings and public areas in the village. It’s exciting to see playgrounds, parks, and public rights of way being carefully policed by the whole community and it demonstrates a real pride and caring for our home town.

More good news for those of us who are “political junkies” and who love to know what’s going on in our village. The VB unanimously approved funds to initiate on-demand video recording of Village Board meetings. This is a tremendous boon for those who may be unable to attend or watch, for whatever reason, the live video on cable TV. “This on-demand” videocast means exactly that. We’ll be able to watch our government in action according to our personal schedules. Thanks to the VB for making this possible. Watch the Croton on Hudson village channel for more details. And while talking about village government, we take a moment to thank our elected officials for supplying valuable news on the village website. These announcements often include actual documents relative to the subject for us to read and understand ourselves. This is appreciated and extremely helpful in creating a participatory government process so important to open government.

And of course, Crotonblog is stronger and better than ever. More and more people, both from Croton and out of town, contribute their comments and opinions for all to share. It’s a great venue for exchanging ideas and contributing to community life. And whomever person (or persons) contributes to the Blog’s photo gallery is to be thanked and congratulated. It really advertises and demonstrates so many of the special places in this Village – Silver Lake, Senasqua, Summerfest, gardens, people, places and things. It’s great!

Croton is working hard to become a much more bike and pedestrian friendly place. With the board’s full approval, Trustee Ann Gallelli will chair a resident’s committee made up of citizens who share the common goal of getting us out of our cars and on our feet or bicycles to get around. And we all know when Ann promises, Ann delivers! This committee is a direct result of the recommendations made in the recently approved Comprehensive Plan, which Ann also chaired with members, Justin Casson, Roger Solomoszy, Paul Doyle, and Kurt Carlson. This newly formed committee will respond to citizen’s input to the Comprehensive Plan Committee’s three years of work. They will be charged to focus on safety issues and ways to increase bike and walking paths to and between locations in our Village. If you would like to get involved with the work of this committee, contact any of the Board member to indicate your interest.

And now for a brief update and welcome to new neighbors in the business areas of Croton. As we list them, we once again urge you to stop in and welcome these newcomers, wish them well, and pledge to “SHOP LOCALLY” whenever possible. Not only will you save $3.25 + in gas, help the environment and decrease congestion, you will support and encourage a viable business community.

  • Sophia Restaurant in the Shoprite shopping center (the old Pizza & Brew”) has opened with terrific pizza of many choices, a full line of bottled and tap beer, a full bar and a respectable wine list.

  • Honey’s Restaurant on N. Riverside Avenue, for years a Croton landmark, has lots of “new” things – a new owner, new floors, new tables, new chairs and menu but the same well known very good pizza! Do yourself a big favor and stop in.

  • Memphis Mae’s is doing a lively business with everything from “down home south” with BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, great sides of coleslaw and BBQ shrimp. If you like good corn bread, this place is for you.

  • And our very special Ocean House – hardly a “newcomer” continues to do an exquisite job of satisfying the gourmet diner. Now the owners, Brian and Paula, have instituted special Sundays, which are extremely popular. They’ve just returned from a 2-week trip to Italy and have picked up some great ideas for super Italian feasts. Last Sunday they hosted an Italian night and will do another on June 29th that’s already sold out. If you want to be included in these specials I suggest you call Ocean House and get your name on a waiting list.

  • We see signs for a new children’s clothing store opening in the upper village right across the street from Holy Name. It’s to be called “Grooving on Grand” – “Cool Clothes for Cool Kids” – If the clothes are as “cool” as the names, it will be great!

Wow … this is getting very long and wordy, but what else should we expect from such an exciting little Village as ours. A very special wish for a happy fun-filled and loving Father’s Day this coming Sunday. Maybe you’re treating Dad to a day at the Clearwater Festival on either Saturday or Sunday at Croton Point Park… lots of fun things to do. The weather is supposed to hit 90 degrees so maybe Pop can wear those new shorts he gets as a present. Enjoy your day. … whatever you might be doing.

And keep on luvincrtn!


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