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June 16, 2006

Crotonblog: Letters to the Editor, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520
SOMEONE USING THE NAME William Rooney signed a letter in the Gazette last week.

I get weary of correcting the misinformation and inaccuracies constantly rained on Croton residents in such Letters to the Editor by THE MYSTERIOUS William Rooney (a.k.a. Maria Cudequest) but will do so once again, ignoring the personal attacks and simply address the facts.

  1. Mr. and Ms. Roonequest, are not visionaries. They have absolutely no way of knowing what would have happened at this site if the original permit had not been granted.

  2. Their unfounded concern over the railroad spur is a non-issue. Metro North has the right to place spurs on ANY section of owned track they see fit. In fact, there are close to 20 such spurs along the tracks from NY to Albany alone.

  3. Solid waste was never brought into the site. It was clearly prohibited in the terms of the original permit.

  4. Mr. and Ms. Roonequest’s outcries did NOT influence the final decision of individual board members.

  5. The board did not vote on entering into or ending settlement talks. The decision was reached by oral consensus at an Executive Session.

Ms. Cudequest and phantom Bill Rooney appear to be one and the same. It’s alleged they live together and one would assume they talk to each other. Could it be that Bill Rooney gets his one-sided information about village affairs second-hand from Maria Cudequest? He claims to know the motivation behind my positions and previous votes. I’ve never met him, never talked to him, never corresponded by email or telephone with him, never seen him at any meeting, and in fact, have no idea what he even looks like. Does he really exist or is he yet another figment of Ms. Cudequest’s OVERactive imagination?

I challenge this unknown and unknowing critic, Mr. Rooney, to be brave and come out of hiding. Come on Mr. Roonequest—no real man would hide behind a woman’s skirt.

Oops, my mistake! That can’t be—she wears the pants in that household.

— Georgianna Grant, X-Trustee

On June 16, 2006 3:26 PM, TeaDrinker said:

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery of whether William Rooney does exist, Crotonblog checked confidential sources.

Records show that in the last 20 years a William B. Rooney, 50, has had addresses in Middle Village, NY, Woodhaven, NY, and Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Similarly, a Maria Cudequest, 50, has had addresses in Glendale, NY, Flushing, NY, Middle Village, NY, Woodhaven, NY, and Croton-on-Hudson, NY.


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